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May 28th, 2008, 14:10
From late last week comes a new interview with BioWare's Ray Muzyka at Joystiq. It's a short article that touches on licensed vs original IP and, of course, the PC version of Mass Effect. Once again Ray casually mentions playing Dragon Age - you'd be forgiven for thinking the game was closer than April 2009 but note the "later this year" for more info:
Do you prefer creating stories in the confines of someone else's mythology (Star Wars, etc.) or the freedom of making your own?

Both choices have their own unique appeal. In the end, both are ends of the same spectrum, since successful new intellectual properties become licenses. In the case of Star Wars, it was an incredible honor to work with LucasArts as we were and are - huge fans of the Star Wars IP! Lucas has created a universe that allowed us to be very creative, so it really wasn't confining when we considered the freedom available in the Knights of the Old Republic setting, some 5000 years before the movies. The other side of the equation, creating new intellectual property, is literally creating your own fiction and is a lot of fun as we are starting from scratch for new IPs like Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Dragon Age is awesome by the way I was playing it just the other day and it's shaping up pretty marvelously we're looking forward to showing more on DA later this year. But the ultimate answer to your question is, we love working on both types of properties and you can expect both kinds from BioWare in the future.
More information.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » BioWare - Ray Muzyka Interview @ Joystiq
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