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June 9th, 2008, 22:25
Yeah, that was one of the things that killed NWN for me. I wanted to play a mage and found it damn near impossible to get through the original campaign. I went back, started over, with a paladin and it was much easier, but it became just hack and slash as I had no magic at that level, and just one crappy henchman to do strategy.

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June 9th, 2008, 22:31
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
Clearly we're not if you're including Morrowind. That was the apex of jack-of-all-trades design. PS:T was party based, although they were recruitable. NWN1 and NWN2 had multi-character parties (henchies) as well although I suppose you could solo them if you're willing to miss a fair bit of content. What's the age of the most recent Ultima? 5 years or so? So that doesn't really fit the bill. I can't speak to the Witcher since I haven't played it yet. So, of your examples, only one might meet the requirement.

Clearly, there's a disconnect somewhere.
Maybe it's because I view 'forced' as something different from 'have the option to if you want but only if you want'?

You *could* play Morrowind as a jack of all trades, but you weren't forced to and it was still really fun with a completely specialised character. PS:T you play a single character - having companions join you doesn't take away from that. NWN1 and 2 again have companions join you if you wished, but like PS:T you don't roleplay them and the focus on a single hero with companions enabled the character focused story telling that's absent from true party games like Icewind dale 1&2, Wizardry series, Eye of the Beholder series, Gold box games and so on.
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June 10th, 2008, 21:51
Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
Probably due to the vast success of the Dungeon Siege movie!
LOL… you're right that must be it!
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