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May 2nd, 2021, 10:06
The latest devlog for Mists of Noyah brings good news on development.

v1.0 trailer spoiler

Hey guys!

Unfortunately we won't be able to release the patch right now. I will list some of the problems we are facing, to make it clear to everyone. Following is good news.

The New Save System

Many players on Discord have asked for this mechanic. We accepted it but it also had a high development cost , as we had to redo it from scratch, excluding the entire old system.

In the old one, you created the characters within the world, if you entered another world, you would have to create a new character from scratch. With the new system, you can browse with your character on any server of other friends, something similar to MMO games.

Complexity of Talents

Since the beginning, our focus has always been on quality, which runs in the opposite direction of the speed of development.

The talents were great, but very complex. The options would be:

1 - Reduce the number of talents
2 - Reduce talent complexity
3 - Increase the development cost

The only option that does not reduce the quality of the game is 3, so we keep it. The characters are very well built to relax in the final stretch. Most of the skills in the current version are simple projectiles and area damage. Nothing that will strengthen the identity of the characters. But in v0.9 all the characters gained a lot of mechanics, strengthening their identities, their classes.

  • Vylat now manages to enter the body of enemies on the brink of death, to drink to the last drop of blood.
    Ninn now manages to pack a string and place up to 12 summons at once in the field, and still manages to merge them all together to create a unique shape.
  • Rhys won several buffs and debuffs, with new combat mechanics. How to mark targets for all allies to attack, healing for damage. New mechanics of raw healing and much more versatility when it comes to protecting an ally with your faith.
  • Allure gained an absurd growth in mobility and explosion of damage, which is related to its element of fire. Is now able to spread the burning among all enemies to activate the pyromaniac side, sealing your wounds with the high temperatures in combat.
  • Lance is now able to use his arcane power to teleport in combat, go back in time, and also the skill that may be the strongest in the game. "Arcane Detachment" which focuses on draining your own mana per second, converting your mana to additional skill damage.
In addition, all talents and skills can be improved, gaining an additional effect when maximized. These effects are not simply additional damage, they are new mechanics. As the new skill that Allure gains just by maximizing the skill "Rising Sun", gaining a skill that makes him go down to the ground, right after going up cutting with fire.


When does the v0.9 patch come out?

Unfortunately it will run out of date, we made a lot of mistakes in announcing release dates, without having tested anything before, we apologize for that.

In the tests we saw the number of bugs that can appear, delaying development too much.

The art part of the game is all set, the only things that are missing are critical bug fixes, mostly in multiplayer, heavy balancing across the 3 difficulty levels and some Vylat talents.

The performance problems have already been solved.

We will only announce a date when the game is playable, with no critical bugs found. The next date we announce will not be broken by anything.

The Good News

The entire art team was idle, having already finished everything. So we started to create a spin-off of the world of Noyah. That will tell a little about the trajectory of a very important character, that you will only know in this spin-off or version 1.0 of Mists of Noyah.

This game will be singleplayer, as our multiplayer dev is stuck in the development of "Mists of Noyah" until version 1.0.

As we already have a very large code base, we are reusing a lot to speed up the development of this game. He's close to leaving.

More information about this spin-off will soon be available on discord.

To apologize to the guys who are suffering along with us in the delay to release this patch. We are going to give 50 Keys of this spin-off to the 50 most active players on the discord. Talvanis will be left with the mission to choose these 50. (+50 randomly, total 100)

If the experience is cool, we will create several Noyah-based games, telling the story of each hero. Yes, it is in our plans to tell the story of Vylat with a roguelike, in a Gothic castle full of macabre monsters.

Discord: https://discord.gg/sp4RBXu
More information.
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