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View Poll Results - How often do you replay games?

I replay most new games immediately 24 5.18%
I replay most of them eventually 43 9.29%
Occasionally, if it's good enough 155 33.48%
Only a handful of classics 150 32.40%
Almost never 91 19.65%
Voters: 463. You may not vote on this poll

Default Replaying games?

June 19th, 2008, 00:59
Occasionally, especially if i have more time in my hand.
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June 19th, 2008, 17:51
With my gaming time so scaled back compared to the good old days, about the only time I'll go back is if none of the unplayed stuff on my shelf catches my eye. Then, it's back to "safe choices" that I know I'll enjoy like Wiz8 and M&M7. About the only other reasons I'll do a replay are

1) if I never managed to complete some good game (Deus Ex)
2) if an expansion pack comes out (NWN1).
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June 20th, 2008, 03:37
I don't have time to replay a game when there are so many others I haven't played once yet. It doesn't help that I play mostly RPGs, which tend to be rather long. I always end up making difficult choices about which games I'll get. Still, I'll replay one once in a while, but it's pretty rare. Thus, I prefer a game which let me experience most if not all of it in a single playthrough.
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June 20th, 2008, 04:12
I replay mostly older games that I loved, or didn't give all the attention they deserved when they were first released. As most of you know I've been on a major Might and Magic replay series lately… finishing M&M7 over a month ago… and getting close to finishing M&M8, probably this week. Then I believe that I'm going to play M&M4 and 5 together as World of Xeen. After that I plan on replaying Wizardry 8, which was by far my favorite Wizardry Game (and yes I've played them all, and finished most).

After those replays I'm going to move on to some games I haven't played yet… NWN2:MOTB, Avernum 5, and a few others.

So… my vote was that I replay most games eventually… but I qualify that to be "most games that I thought were worth the first play through".
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June 20th, 2008, 16:34
I chose "Occasionally, if it's good enough" because I think I replay more than just a few classics. However, I like to wait at least 5 years, if possible longer, between replays so I've forgotten at least some of the story. The only genres I replay are RPG (traditional RPGs as well as hybrids like SS1 and Deus Ex) and classic adventure games. I replay slightly more Apple ][ and DOS games than Windows era games.

Sometimes I just feel compelled. The other day someone mentioned VtM:Redemption in one of the newsbit threads on Wesp's VtM:Bloodlines patch. Well, I proceeded to make a concerted effort at finding the CDs and giving it another play.
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June 21st, 2008, 14:44
Only BG2 and NWN2 so far.
Favourite 5 RPGs: Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale I, The Aielund Saga, Stardew Valley, The Witcher 3
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June 21st, 2008, 17:51
I only replayed diablo 2 once ( on a harder difficulty setting ) just because I play it too relax ( not because I thought it is a good game, sometimes after I worked hard I just like to click and not have to think at all )

Wizardry 8 - no limit on how many times it could be replayed, that is why it is best out of this kind of games!

Magical Broom Extreme - Great game, not an RPG

Tactics Ogre - Let us cling togheter, maybe the best game ever made! True choice and consequence, different endings, different story paths, amazing and fun gameplay, tons of characters, everyone should play it through at least twice.
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June 24th, 2008, 11:08
I generally play through a game 2-4 times immediately, unless it's a relatively bad game. I like trying out all different ways of playing games, both in terms of gameplay (casters, melee, etc) and choices (good, evil)
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June 24th, 2008, 16:27
I don't think likes of Civilization and MOO can be counted here. I voted "Almost never" although played Civilization Revolution to the and for about 10 times last couple of weeks.

Talking about RPGs with fair amount of story, it's same like with books or movies for me - I'd just get bored replaying. Maybe if I completely forget the storyline… I did replay Fallouts, Arcanum and Torment in 2006-2007, but that's because I prefered JRPGs in the end of 90s and didn't enjoy those titles to the fullest (actually didn't even beat Arcanum and both Fallouts to the very end at the time). And there was plenty of time after graduation, so I gave those classics another hit.
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June 26th, 2008, 18:08
Well, let's see … I tend to replay everything that isn't crap. But I have gotten so loaded up with review stuff until recently that I had no time to replay anymore. But that us changing, fortunately, so I have started replaying as much as possible.

There are probably ~25 or so games that I have replayed more than 10 times.
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June 26th, 2008, 19:31
I replay most games, even if I hate them. I've fired up each of the Gothics several times and I just can't get into that series. I thought 3 might change this, but it wasn't to be. I got further in that one though than the rest. Some games I play yearly, (Oblivion, MM3 and MM7) and the rest I'll play every couple of years. I'll probably tackle Kult again after I finish my HoMM5 fixation.
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June 26th, 2008, 21:11
The hardest problem I have with replaying games is that while I love the idea of having a new experience, I tend to form emotional attachments to the NPC's in my party (assuming it's a party based game). I'm replaying BG2 right now, and though I'm trying to get a different experience (grabbed a thief from TDD mod as well as added Keldorn), I've ended up keeping Minsc, Jaheria and Arie in my party again. I might dump Minsc, he's a great tank, but my Cleric/Ranger is so buffed that I don't really have to have him if I can replace him with a decent fighter.

Then there is Jaheria and Arie. The one time I've played all the way through ToB (finished SoA several times), my love interest was Arie, so I know how that turned out. I decided I'd keep Jaheria in and romance her this time, but I just can't get myself to kick Arie out. She reminds me a bit of an ex-gf and I just can't do it! Thought I might kick Jaheria out, but after having her in every one of my other play throughs of all three part, it just doesn't feel right!

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June 27th, 2008, 08:00
LOL, I also have this problem! not in BG2 but in other party based games. On top of that I am a purist so I always want to make the same choices everytime! Since there is almost always one clear WRONG choice and one clear right one. TW was a bit better but there was still a morally right choice for me for almost all the quests.
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June 27th, 2008, 10:44
Try Planescape; lots of grey choices!
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June 28th, 2008, 01:09
Well, I did kind of enjoy planescape. But unfortunately, there is almost no real gameplay in it, and tons of text ( which is good but I prefer to read a book ) and it has way too many fedex quests ( go fetch Nestor's fork )

So while I did play it through once, I could never bring the energy to play it through again I did love the setting and many story aspects though, especially the unlocking of Da**** forgot his name blade , and opening fall from graces diary heeh. That mysterious cube, and the blade lady was great too. There is several planescape books to read about planescape. I think for me to replay a game it has to have both great gameplay and great story with true choices, one of them is not really enough.
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June 28th, 2008, 10:47
Dak'kon, I guess?

I replayed Planescape Torment only once. Not because it's not a great game, but because I remember too much and it's not that fun to play when you remember most of the text. I found many new things in the game when I replayed this game, so someday I will replay PST again, I'll probably find even more interesting things
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June 30th, 2008, 13:40
I replay games for four main reasons;

1/ there is an alternate path (eg. I've just played Jade Empire through twice, Open Palm & Closed Fist)
2/ it is simply a classic (Baldur's Gate series for me)
3/ it has been modded heavily/revised which changes the gameplay experience (eg. I played Gothic 2 again after NoTR was released; and I played Morrowind twice, with & without mods)
4/ It is a prequel and I want to play the next game in the sequence - I often replay the earlier game(s) to get in the mood (or because I'm just anally retentive that way) - eg. Heroes of Might & Magic, NWN1, even F.E.A.R.
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July 2nd, 2008, 11:01
Dak'kon is one of my all time favourite NPCs! Love his dialogues, his opinions, his sidequest (unlocking his abilities) etc.
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July 2nd, 2008, 20:46
never for rpg's. i play games for the stories mostly. once i know it (by finishing it), there's no fun left for me.

i do occasionally replay rts type games, namely company of heroes, but that's solely because i love the engine/action/animations/etc. that game is great with cheats
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July 3rd, 2008, 15:27
I would LIKE to replay more, but I hardly get through the current crop pf games I want to play with the limited time I have. So its only a few classics, like recently system shock 2 and UUW, that I occasionally replay, and even that mostly only partially.
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