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November 24th, 2021, 19:14
This time, Whalenought Studios shares a few tips about stealth in Mechajammer.

Mechajammer Feature Deep Dive #2 | STEALTH

Violence isn't always the answer

Following a close up look at the nitty-gritty of combat, our second Mechajammer Deep Dive will focus on a staple mechanic on the streets of Calitana: stealth.

In the immersive sandbox of Mechajammer, violence is, of course, only an option. Want to bash in one of Calitana's vile gangbangers with a lead pipe? Cool! Go nuts. But there is always a less rowdy option.

Mechajammer's interface not only offers up enemies' sight cones, but also depicts your own noise-making radius -- allowing you to judge the potential of a stealthy route through a given environment. At a moment's notice you could switch from your normal walk to a silent, crouched mode, and then take advantage of some classic distraction tactics (read: throwing of objects) to create a diversion.

Not all enemies will attack on sight, however, giving you a small number of turns to leave their sight-radius (indicated by the meter above their head). If you're able to successfully vacate this radius before their timer runs out, you can try to find another way around them and avoid a grisly combat situation -- should that be your preference, of course.

The game field is littered with road barriers, burn-barrels and streetlamps -- all presenting perfect cover opportunities -- and players, companions and range-weapon enemies will use them to reduce their exposure to attacks or being spotted. If you're comfortable straying from the beaten path, you can also creep through tall grass clumps to avoid being seen. Mechajammer offers up an expansive, isometric open world - use it to your advantage; there is more than one way to your objective…

…which is a perfect segue to wrapping up this particular Deep Dive, and thinking about our next: Exploration and Objectives. Join us next time as we get stuck into the world of Calitana, and how you're going to approach exploring it.

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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Mechajammer - Deep Dive #2 | STEALTH
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