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December 18th, 2021, 14:20
Wartales got a big first update, Shiro Games gives the details.

Community Update #1 Out Now!

Attention Mercenaries!

Community Update #1 is now live! Based entirely on the feedback and suggestions we have received since launch, this update brings character customisation, Ironmen Mode, Tutorials, a Happiness system overhaul, bugfixes and more to Wartales!

Read on to see everything that's included…

Happiness system has been entirely reworked

Happiness is now accumulative. Some actions, such as assigning companions to the campfire, generate Happiness points. Conversely, not feeding or not paying your troops results in a loss of Happiness points. By accumulating Happiness, you reach levels that give you bonuses. If your total drops too low, your companions will be quick to leave your group. If a companion is ready to leave you, you will be afforded a last chance to convince him to stay with you.

Why such a change?

More information.
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December 30th, 2021, 23:07
Tried it. Idea is excellent. Overworld map and moving on it is really nice. They are apparently using their own engine, because at least the fonts get bigger, when switching to 1024x768.
UI is good. Movement in combat is both refreshing and annoying at the same time. The final moving target should snap to enemies.

Early version isn't optimized, engine is horribly slow, but still playable.
Art Direction could increase global brightness and contrast, because most of the detail is hidden by drab & dull colors. Someone on the team must have seen a depressing medieval movie in subdued, dull colors and thought it would give a realistic impression. Well, its just sucks. Its like taking out a color fuse of the monitor and throwing it away and everything becomes less colorful.
SSI Gold Box-style game, we are working on.
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