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December 25th, 2021, 13:13
The Early Access title Rogue Legacy 2 got a major update:

Rogue Legacy 2 - Patch v0.8.0 - The Winter Gifts Update

A festive feeling is in the air and the season for giving is upon us! Celebrate with us as we spread the joy with the Winter Gifts Update, another event-based patch for Rogue Legacy 2. This release is loaded with goodies for the holidays, with new Scars, Burdens, Lore, and a ton of new Relics to savour. The world is also changing to become a bit more merry. Don't forget though, this joyous occasion won't last forever. The festivities only last until January 7, as we welcome the New Year and bid adieu to the old, and you'll have to wait another year to experience it all again.


Just a reminder to players experiencing time-based events in RL2 for the first time, the Winter Gifts Update is not a full content release. This means it does not include any major additions like biomes and classes, and instead focuses more on smaller changes and game balancing. Once the event ends on January 7, all progress-related content will remain accessible, so don't struggle with FOMO if you can't participate. We are just having some fun and building on the idea that the Rogue Legacy world is always changing.

Thanks again to our Discord members that played a beta build prior to launch to ensure as many bugs were addressed as possible. The CDG team will be taking some time off after the event goes live, and it would not be a very merry Christmas if we had to spend the holiday fixing bugs. So we really appreciate it, thank you very much!


  • Deck the Halls!: Even with their lives thrown into chaos, the people in the world of Rogue Legacy 2 take the time to celebrate. The Docks are now full of festive cheer, with gifts strewn about and holiday lights adorning the shops. The monsters are also taking part in the season, wearing joyful costumes and offering milk and cookies in a vain attempt to get themselves off the naughty list.
  • It's Raining Relics: It looks like there's a hole in Santa's gift bag and a bunch of Relics slipped out! True to the name of "Winter Gifts", we're introducing 14 brand new Relics (along with some redesigns) to this update that add a ton of diversity to a player's run.
  • A Monster Awaits: Not all is cheerful and bright in the world of RL2. Unearth the motivations of the top commanding Estuary, Irad, with the latest Prime Burden. Not only is the lore behind Irad so immense that it spans the entirety of the game, but we've made this our most unique confrontation yet!
  • A Retro Challenge: We're also introducing a new Scar Challenge that will be sure to drum up nostalgia from fans of the original RL. But don't lower your guard just because things seem familiar, as this Challenge is formidable and will test more than your memory.
  • Economy Clean Up: As we approach v1.0, we've been able to get a much better view of how the economy has been shaping up, and we'll be using this patch as an opportunity to do one final major revision to it. This adjustment touches everything, from gold/Ore/Aether drop rates, to Burden costs, and even drop rates of Gear.
More information.
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December 25th, 2021, 19:22
Anyone try the early access? I enjoyed the first game quite a bit and am curious how this will turn out.
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