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Default King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Delayed

January 13th, 2022, 18:48
Another game to be slightly delayed: King Arthur: Knight's Tale is pushed back to March 29.

Release Date Update - A Message From The Team


in order to apply final touches and be able to provide a great launch experience, we have decided to move the release date of Knight's Tale from February 15 to March 29, 2022. The new date will make for a stronger release and a really polished version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale.

We are currently working on the last bits of the campaign and the endgame, however, there's still work to be done before we can take you to the farthest reaches of Avalon to confront the Once and Future King - and whatever may come beyond that. The wait won't be much longer and we'll make sure to have a lot of new information for you in the meantime.

As the pandemic situation is still very uncertain, we are putting health and security first, however, working from home does come with slight delays. We're confident that Knight's Tale will be ready by the end of March, and your journey in Avalon can finally begin.

We're delighted to announce that we're organizing a PvP community event, for those who supported us on Kickstarter's higher tiers, as well as streamers and members of our community. More details on that later, but make sure to sharpen your blades until then!

At the same time, we are also getting ready to show more of the campaign later this month!

Thank you for your continued support, and as always…

Avalon awaits!
More information.
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January 13th, 2022, 19:13
Very much looking forward to this - and for me, for any game I'm looking forward to, I never have a problem when devs push the release date back. Take your time and release when you feel the game is ready.
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January 13th, 2022, 19:28
This game is really looking impressive. Especially like the endgame content being added.
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January 13th, 2022, 19:40
Yup, like others here I've high hopes for this one. Take your time, get as much right as you can, we'll all be waiting in anticipation for this glorious production!
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January 13th, 2022, 21:26
I've been looking forward to this game too.

I watched a YouTuber play the game recently and the combat seemed fairly basic and easy. Maybe that is just in the beginning, not sure. Has anyone here played EA? How did you find the combat?
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January 14th, 2022, 00:46
I just picked up the EA version so once I have some time to play will try to give my impressions.
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January 14th, 2022, 03:15
I can understand a little postponing like this (around 45 days) maybe just to polish this or that. But when I see a 8-months delay like they announced for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, then I start to worry about how the game really is, what's its current state in development etc.
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January 16th, 2022, 17:02
So far I am enjoying the EA. It has come a long way since the demo I tried last year. While not normally into XCOM style strategy games, or turn based, or mission based with no saves during missions … for all those shortcomings still enjoying it.

Very dark look and feel with a great fantasy vibe. The voices are good IMO but the dialogue is a bit too modern and edgy. It isn't so bad it wrecks the enjoyment for me but it seems to try too hard to make Mordred "cool and tough" using language that feels like it would fit better in our age.

It has some base building which I enjoy - nothing major or dramatic but nice. Basically Camelot Castle and you slowly repair it out of the ruins it has become. There are basic parts of the castle you rebuild and can then enhance with upgrades to help with various things for the missions - which are the core of the game. Never played X-com but my good friend has and he was always sharing screenshots, videos, and stories of his fights and based on that it seems the comments from people that it is like a fantasy X-COM has some truth to it - but I don't know by how much.

You get to build up your own round table, either as a good monarch who follows rules and justice, or you can do the darker path of the Tyrant. That is one axis. The other axis is whether you will follow the Christian path or the Old Faith. Think of your standard grid with the X and Y axis. That makes 4 quadrants. Depending which way you go you will unlock various abilities relating to those quadrants.

The knights themselves are cool and they also can fall under those areas or leadership and faith. For example the female archer at the start, who is pretty cool, is a heavy Christian follower while others will be more pagan (Old Faith). Sadly she will probably become unhappy with me as I am going Pagan all the way with Mordred. Magic and the Old Faith.

You can't change armor, potions, weapons, etc., during missions, only outside of them. So you enter a mission with whatever you have prepared going in. Loot you get you can't use till afterwards.

Combat itself is fun and has enough variety to it for me. Somewhat preset classes - defender, champion, archer, sage - so I feel the RPG aspect is bit more limited for me. Still have enjoyed it so far. Again seems similar to what little I know about XCOM with exploring an area and being able to find "positions" you can place your people at once combat starts. Typical TB stuff with AP you have to manage and positioning. There are back stabs and the Vanguard class is like a rogue with stealth, dual blades, more movement, and traps (detection and placement).

Some cool mechanics so far. Like some of the undead you "kill" but they enter a tupor stage where they are frozen for 3 turns. If you don't kill them again in that state, and the battle isn't over, then after 3 turns they come back to life. So either kill them twice or win the battle quicker.

I mainly like the dark fantasy feel, the atmosphere of the game, the story, even the corny dialogue although wish it was more fitting to the time and game.

Not sure how difficult it is as I immediately went for the easiest difficulty. I am not big on combat in games. I enjoy it but not as the main focus, especially in games where I can't save when I want. Missions can take time to complete and losing all that because I can't save would annoy me to no end.

This is why I had removed the game from my radar back when I tried it - as they didn't have difficulty levels and I knew I would get ultra annoyed and frustrated dying and having to repeat things. The worse of all the TB worlds - long dragged out combat combined with no saves. Easy mode, however, gives a little challenge and lets me enjoy the story and atmosphere without stressing out.

Anyhow those are my first impressions from doing a few missions and building up a couple things at Camelot so far. Time wise 3 hours of game play. So not very far into it.
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January 17th, 2022, 08:09
Seems reasonable to move release from the crowded february.
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January 17th, 2022, 16:19
Still prefer playing the older games over this new Hybrid abomination.
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January 17th, 2022, 18:38
I am 8 hours into it now and enjoying it more. It isn't an AAA title but it has pulled me into the story and the desire to see what happens next with the characters, the building of Camelot, and so on.

Easy mode isn't completely easy, at least to someone who tends to suck at tactical games, mostly because I don't want to invest the time in mastering all the class, skills, and such.

A few battles have had surprises or special things you have to figure out to defeat a boss. So had to redo a few missions till I figured out what to do or not do. Luckily the game does save internally parts of a mission you have done so only the last failed battle has to be redone.

There are also issues with vitality and wounds. Vitality, unlike HP, doesn't recover on rest or at base. You need to put them into the Hospice and then they rest for X number of missions unless you pay to fast heal and they will still be out for one mission. Injuries can only be cured at the cathedral and again they have to stay out of missions till recovered.

I have 3 folks that need healing of some sort so I could see the potential of falling behind in the game as I only have 4 left that are healthy which is the number you bring to your battles. You could reach a point where more people are sick than healthy which could make finishing a mission harder and yet you have to do missions to heal up the others.

So first lesson I learned is build the Hospice and Catherdral first and upgrade them so you can heal your followers ASAP and make sure you always have a healthy team.

Merchant is tied to that so you can sell items to generate coin as money has been super tight.

Anyhow everyone is a mix of level 3 and 4 right now. Having fun either way.

I would say the "RPG" side of this is pretty limited. I didn't get a chance to pick Mordred's class (unless I missed it or maybe its an EA thing) as I would have made him a Vanguard not a Defender. I don't get any points to put into stats or the like.

The only level up "RP" is the few points you put into your talent trees and some limited gear options … for characters at least. You also get some options in building things and there are C&C decisions as well.

Mileage varies, of course, but I consider this RP lite myself. At least you get some choices to make in quests and missions that affect things.

All that being said it is rather fun and glad I picked it up. A nice bit of change from my SIMS 4, FO4, and Skyrim rotation I have been on lately.
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