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July 25th, 2008, 21:07
Oli Welsh with an upbeat hands on for WotLK.
As beautifully orchestrated as WOW's best dungeons are - not to mention the fantastic Draenei and Blood Elf introductions from the Burning Crusade, spanning 20 levels apiece - Blizzard has never attempted such a concentrated and extravagant piece of staging, of high showmanship, as this before. It's startling, spectacular, and most surprisingly of all, it's consistently, laugh-out-loud funny. It even makes a great virtue of having dozens of freshly-minted Death Knights in identical armour running around.
The first shock is landing straight in front of the expansion's star and ultimate end boss - Arthas, the Lich King himself - and seeing the quest-giving exclam above his head. You've been resurrected as part of his undead army, the Scourge. You begin by learning your way around the floating necropolis of Acherus, The Ebon Hold, and learning how to Runeforge your weapon. Runeforging does not, as previously thought, allow you to change the combination of runes Death Knights use for spellcasting - now it's essentially a free and endlessly modifiable enchantment, complete with pretty glow.
More information.
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July 25th, 2008, 21:07
A surprising twist on the Death Knight's start. I like it!
Blizzard continues to polish their gem of an mmorpg by adding more rpg to it, which I heartily approve of.
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July 25th, 2008, 22:06
I'll I've seen and read so far from WoTLK is exactly the opposite of what Oli Welsh has obviously seen. Lots and lots of recycling. Gameplay is dumped down even more… I'm sure people will love it.
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