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August 16th, 2008, 16:23
Here's a trio of Space Siege reviews with two similar views from GameSpy and 1Up, while G4TV sees is quite differently. Let's start with GameSpy, who scored 2.5/5 and say "set phasers to snooze":
While Space Siege is technically an action-RPG, the hallmarks of the genre are not explored to their fullest. Deep character customization, a rich storyline, action-packed combat… you'll find little of that here. The game railroads you from dull-gray hall to dull-gray hall, with no real sense of exploration. Rooms are locked and ancillary areas are completely sealed off until you complete the objectives, sending you from Point A to Point B with no room for even the slightest deviation. Each mini-level is a journey from one bland, enemy-filled room to the next, with very few changes in scenery or opposition to mix things up. Even after playing the game for hours, you'll still feel like you're in the first level.
1Up's Jeff Green gives it a 'C' and smacks it hard, straight of the gate:
The most remarkable thing about Space Siege is just how utterly unremarkable it is. This action-role-playing game from Gas Powered Games (makers of the far more ambitious Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege I and II) is so run-of-the-mill, with not a single memorable or inspiring thing about it, that it seems like the designers either lost their ambition along the way or maybe never gave much of a damn to start with. Either way, an almost cynical vibe is at work here. You can almost feel them not trying very hard as you play.
But G4TV is happy to concentrate on shooting in the right direction. 4/5, they say:
There's an aspect of recycling to the whole thing, as when you kill enemies or scour the corners of dimly-lit chambers you'll find bits of junk lying around. Like a badass cleaning lady, you collect these bits and trade them in at the redemption center for points used to boost armor, weapons, attributes for yourself or your little friend the HR-V, a robotic side-kick that joins your team early on in the game. Unlike the Dungeon Siege games where you were often flanked by a bunch of misfits, here it's just you and HR-V. While this cuts down on the variety, ultimately the simplification is a good move. HR-V more or less takes care of himself, leaving you free to only worry about keeping yourself shooting in the right direction. He doesn't use health kits, so you can hoard them. Finally, should he get destroyed, you just need to find the nearest reconstructions station, push a button and out pops a shiny new one.
…in other Space Siege news, Gaming Nexus has an interview. A grab on the story and inspiration:
Can you give us the 10,000 foot overview of the plot of the game and talk about the kinds of things players will be doing in the game? What are the inspirations behind the game?
The basic set-up is that an alien race called the Kerak has destroyed the Earth and only a handful of survivors manage to escape the cataclysm. Unfortunately, as the humans speed away, the Kerak attach an attack-pod to the human ship and start to attack the ship's passengers.

In terms of the inspiration, we really pulled from a lot of sources. But the kernel of the story originated with Chris Taylor, who came up with the "what does it mean to be human?" hook that the game hinges on.
More information.
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August 16th, 2008, 16:24
G4tv review is right on the money
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August 16th, 2008, 21:44
I was a victim because i buy this game, is a piece of s***. now i know why IGN usa give soo poor points.

GOT 0 STORY, they copy the movie I Robot, and they copy system shock and from the begining you have the stupid computer telling put yourself the cybernetic, and the girl say don't do it, the guy who make this game think that ppl who play it is stupid or what?? anyone with 1 finger on the forehead can see whats the bad thing to do and the good thing, there is nothing on the story that make you go on with the game, and there is always 3 thing to do, 3 computers to shut down, 3 key cards, 3 etc. Its repetitive, everything looks the same all the time.

Dont buy it sux, they just try to show up physics engine thats all. Shame this engine is not used for a real RPG, because its awesome.
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August 17th, 2008, 06:33
G4's reviews are a complete joke now.
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August 18th, 2008, 00:37
Now I'm becoming really curious how this might sell …

Or not.
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August 18th, 2008, 08:25
Everybody has their panties in an uproar about 'Space Siege' and how bad it is, but 'Legend Hand of God', a similar type game that's actually good, is sitting on the shelves, unnoticed.
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