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Default Bill Roper's story on Hellgate/Flagship demise

August 19th, 2008, 12:00
Finally, 1up.com got the story of Hellgate/Flagship's demise from Bill Roper in an eight pages interview.

After reading the whole interview, i felt sorry for the game studio, hopefully things work up better for the ex-employees. And hopefully someone would come to the rescue:
FW: What about you personally and the guys you are still in touch with from Flagship? In theory, if someone came in with a bottomless pot of gold and said you can do whatever you want with this money…

BR: I'd marry him, first of all. You can do that now in California! Though I would hope it was a woman…
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August 19th, 2008, 13:51
That was surprisingly refreshing. Honesty. Not used to that kind of thing anymore.

I wish Bill Roper and the folks at Flagship Studios (and ex-devs) good luck - they obviously have a lot of skill. Trying to make money on the PC market exclusively is not an easy thing nowadays, and with the limited funding leading to a mediocre game, it's pretty much impossible. Hopefully whatever they do in the future will be more successful.

I should add that I enjoyed Hellgate: London quite a bit, and completed it several times. The single player part was a solid hack'n slash game.
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