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August 26th, 2008, 14:23
We haven't covered this before but lead developer Paul Illes wrote in to explain jClassicRPG and point out the new version released this month. Beneath the generic name is a Wizardry / EoB - like indie RPG, as Paul details:
A year or so jClassicRPG is being developed on an opensource community basis - using free content and free source code creating a freely downloadable and playable classic style RPG. It's primary focus is to recreate and extend the classic RPG genre based on the legacy of series like Wizardry/M&M and in some design elements the strategic RPG game Dune 1. Combat system is turn based with a unique ruleset, player commands a group of characters. It's default setting is a fantasy world - dynamically generated world/ecology/economy/civilization. Its computer AI aims to include joined group AI and single person NPC AI. Main modeler platform is blender. A new twist to the genre is the addition of social skillset for social professions. Also economic is periodically updated to mirror the state of the population (e.g. growing/declining town size).
It's development recently turned 1 year (this year june), and in this month a new release is out that contains a playable combat, character leveling a pack of enemies, populations, different climate zones. http://jcrpg.blogspot.com/2008/08/vi…e-release.html

The game's community is waiting for testers, contributors and some attention. The motto: 'With a strong will and a strong community we can recreate the old times in the modern fashion'.
More information: http://javacrpg.sourceforge.net/wiki…assicRPG:About
Dev blog:
Official page:
A recent video:
(List of professions for the fantasy settings:
Crusader - a fighter with celestial destiny
Enlightened - a fighter using internal powers and meditation
Jester - a talkative chatty person who can deal with people with a few right words
Lobbist - the witty politician
Negotiator - the diplomatic trader of fates
Psionic - mentalist
Ranger - the great survivor of the wilderness
Swindler - observe his hands and words well, he/she will cheat you!
Wise - the hopefully enough reason and experience is behind him/her
Witch - female only
Witch Master - male only)

Main characteristics of the game design:
  1. Single Player - aimed to be played as single player, but networked MP game can be added later
  2. Party based - up to 6 characters of the party
  3. Turn based world dynamism
  4. Turn based interaction in combat/social negotiation
  5. Attribute system
  6. Skill oriented (strongly) - even climbing and swimming is a skill to learn. Skills are tuned directly by using them and in schools and leveling too.
  7. Profession oriented (strongly) - a selected profession counts much in the way of individual development
  8. Leveling - strongly important, based on experience
  9. Experience system - experience points are calculated on the complexity of things done to overcome a given situation, not by static XP values.
  10. Group and Individual AI - animals and bigger populations are evolving, roaming and acting in groups while important single person NPCs are also present
  11. Climatic parts - climate conditions, the flora and possible fauna are depending on these zones of the world.
  12. Flora generation / Ecology (fauna) generation depending on the climate parts
  13. Classic keyboard handling with four direction turning and movement in a 3D world. Look around in 45 degrees as a bonus.
  14. Static tool created world areas (special dungeons, plot related places) plus generated areas (Geography, Water, Economy [cities, villages])
  15. Parameterized world and ecology generation for new games mixed with predefined 'modules' placed by generation algorithms
More information.
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August 26th, 2008, 14:23
Good thing there are some people who use opensource software. Has anyone tried the game or what do they mean with "new version released this month"?
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August 27th, 2008, 14:35
Hello there!

Release means a pre-alpha test release with playable combat and lots of things to test. So it's a kind of heads-up if people want to test it. Being open-source means open releases for anyone to test as well. Jcrpg aims to be a community effort! Everyones help is appreciated.

Thanks RPGWatch for posting my bits!

Paul, dev of jClassicRPG




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August 27th, 2008, 14:56
and yeah, there's a detailed instruction for download/install http://javacrpg.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Download here to prevent confusion.
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