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September 7th, 2008, 00:52
WoW is a dirty word as the RPS ed's find out.
If youíve been following the 200+ comments in the thread below our recent discussion of our experiences in the Warhammer Online closed beta, youíll have spotted that a vocal minority of the WAR community, having made their way here thanks to a link on the warhammeronline.com frontpage, are absolutely furious with us. All those that were simply critical remain, but there were at least another 50 abuse-filled tirades we deleted, consisting of the usual expletives, judgements about our intelligence and sexuality, and a surprising amount of racism towards the British. Itís true: we do drink a lot of tea.
Whether expressed politely or furiously, there were three or four central complaints about what we said - but one stands above them all.
More information.
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September 7th, 2008, 00:52
Geez… I love games and MMOs as any other bloke who plays for 20+ years and spents a lot of time with them, but for heaven's sake, why do some take it like a personal vendetta to defend THEIR game - or attack the "evil other" like it were a matter of religion? Be cool, its merely some goddamn pixels! Sheesh.
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Default Agj6g9

September 7th, 2008, 03:33
Originally Posted by elikal View Post
Geez… I love games and MMOs as any other bloke who plays for 20+ years and spents a lot of time with them, but for heaven's sake, why do some take it like a personal vendetta to defend THEIR game - or attack the "evil other" like it were a matter of religion? Be cool, its merely some goddamn pixels! Sheesh.
Its kind of like politics, once you pick someone to cheer you turn blind to the faults and shortcomings of your side. You turn into a raving lunatic.

MMO communities make me angry. People seem unwilling to hold devs accountable for anything before a launch. Things I think the community should be jointly angry at EA about:

1. No open beta. You have to buy your way into beta. People, especially younger people aqnd hippies go on and on about how they hate corporations, but seem stupid enough to play into the hands of a corporation when they do something extra-dickish. If people were smart enough not to preorder, and companies had enough faith in their product, you would be able to try it before you buy it, and make a purchasing decision made they way they are supposed to be made: as an informed consumer.

2. They way they are going about open beta. Its starting some time on Sunday. They have made numerous posts about how they have not posted a specif time on sunday, instead of posting a specific time. But, they can be super guys and give more time to the people that have already played by making another preview weekend on the same "weekend" "open" beta starts. How hard would giving a specific time be? Why fuck with people?

Why not start open-beta on Friday evening? Starting it on Sunday is saying, "Fuck you working family people! We only want non-workers to have a meaningful amount of time playing."

Most people that work and have a family, and decided to be a real father/husband, mother/wife, that spend time with their family, don't have time during the week to play a mmorpg. And if NA's "head-start" goes anything like EU's (ce-preorders start on 14th, regular preorders start on the 15th) would indicate that the only chance working family people will have to demo the game will be on Friday, maybe Saturday morning. Another big "fuck you!"

Why would they do this? Because it makes things easier on them in numerous ways. They have two easy weekends before launch, and the power players are happy and not spitting venom on forums.

But, working-family people don't give a shit about EA having two easy weekends. We care about indicators that say we will be valued as customers. When you have a decent job you realize that no matter what your role is, your job is, has been, and always will be customer service. Your biggest customer is always your boss. The people i deal with don't care if I had an easy time making them happy, only that I value them as a customer and made them happy. The older I get, and the further I climb the ladder of social stratification, the stricter i become dealing with companies, or critical I am about being being under valued. If you don't work for my money, I'm not giving you the money i worked for.

On Mark Jacobs blog he talks about how important for the MMORPG market for WHO (I won't call WarHammer Online WAR for EA because it sounds cooler than the proper acronym of WHO) to do well.

EA realize they have the power pre-live to fuck with the community, because the community will take it and still buy the game. They don't have to start doing right by the casual gamers until the free-month is up, and then you'll see them start pooring it on when whatever wow's next expansion is called comes out.

And they can do it, because mmo gamers don't hold companies accountable pre-live.

3) What I think might be a big problem with mmo's in today's market. You lose the pwer gamers, and then the casuals, because their is no pve end-game content. My end game content is pvp, and I hate raid's with a passion, so this doesn't apply to me in all regards. I havent heard much about the end game content, but I have heard people say they love, or loved LOTRO up to cap, but quit playing because there was nothing to do. I guess Conan was the same way.

Conan is actually a good example of all my points, lot of hype and talk, a lot of box sales, and a lot of cancelations after the free month.

I feel for any company trying to release a game in the market with WoW, who have had 3 or 4 years of added content, but I think they miss a key point of why WoW does so well. Blizzard values their customers. They know their continued success is due to casuel gamers that don't play non-stop, don't suck up all their bandwidth and resources, don't post on their forums, but play their six to 12 hours on the weekend. I feel that they value me, keep me in mind, and work hard for the money i worked hard for. I'm on their mind as much as the power gamer, or more so, since my money has less overhead. Thats why I keep my subscription going even while not playing for months, years at a time.

There are a lot of people like me, and we make it so WoW can always be proud of their subscription numbers. Blizzard's never fucked me, never didn't value me, my time, or my money.

They don't have 20 classes or half that, but they do have classes that are all distinct, all play differently, and meaningful customization choices within the class.

I think EA not having a WHO official forum is a smart business decision, but it is unthinkable for blizzard not to have one. Its a given. Blizzzard would start their actual open beta and make sure casual players had all weekend to play it. And have a long open-beta with all the crafting skills not added add-hock. A full game try before you buy. Because they were proud of their game and knew that the best way to keep customers was to always treat them right, and keep every segment of your market in mind at all times.

I have disliked every Blizzard single player game (I would've never even thought about buying Diablo 3 if I didn't find out that Leonard is on it's team), but I can't knock them as a company. They deserve to be doing so well, because they treat their customers so well. And they did this before they had the cashflows from WoW.

If your a casual player that has somewhat control of your spending, I say you say fuck you right back at EA and not buy this game. Wait for whatever WoW's expansion is called, i think thats coming out soon. By the time you get bored with that EA will have had their epiphany on how you can't fuck with the casuals and will have a free trail available, so you can try before you buy.

I have a long memory so I'm skipping this one for good. I can't expect everyone to be as bitter or as ready to hold corporations accountable for their slights as i am, but you as a casual mmo gamer, can hold EA accountable for not valueing you by waiting until they start catering to you to buy their game.

this isn't addressed to the raving lunatics who are going to preorder this game no matter what EA does to you. The lunatics that will just trash the game on every forum and complain non-stop as they still pay money to play the game. You guys are a sales-given, free-money. You'll play the game as long as its popular to do so and the websites continue to tell you you should, because its popular. This is for the casual gamers that still have a sliver of reason left to them.

And no, I'm not bitter about not making open beta. My brother-in-law offered to give me his beta key since he doesn't have the time to play with a newborn and two toddlers. He has to fight for his time with his wife to let him log on to WoW and do a couple raids a week. I'm not trying it for the above reasons that led me to the conclusion they don't want to do right by me, but expect me to look the other way. And if i tried it and liked it enough I might not have the integrity and fortitude to make the right decision of not buying it. I can't be the only person to see what they are doing as a big, "FUCK YOU!" Even if you still plan on buying this game, at least let me know that I'm not alone in thinking thats what they're doing. If a game wants to cut-in to Blizz's market share, they have to realize Blizz didn't get that big a chunk of the pie by having just a good game. Value your customers like Blizz does, do right by them, value our time and our schedules as well as our dollars. Don't expewct us to be blind automatons that will throw money at you no matter what, like raving lunatics do.




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September 7th, 2008, 09:17
WAR = Warhammer Age of Reckoning
Favourite RPGs of all time: Wizardry 6, Ultima 7/7.2, Fallout2, Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate 2+TOB, Jagged Alliance 2, Ravenloft: The stone prophet, Gothic 2, Realms of Arkania:Blade of destiny (not the HD version!!) and Secret of the Silver Blades.
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September 9th, 2008, 03:34
I know that. Its still Warhammer Online. When they come out with an expansion will it be, "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Battles of Hammerballs"? No. LotRO isn't called LSA (Lord of the ring online, shadows of agramar) Its LotRO. Name a mmo, it has a snappy subtitle, but its still a subtitle, so we get the acronym, historically, from the name. EA's marketing thought that WAR sounds cooler than WHO, so we get crazy. And people go with the crazy.

P.S., I'm weak and played the beta. I have no integrity or fortitude. Its a fun game. I preordered. I blame my wife, she went back to her parents with the kid for the weekend. I might have went in for the penny, but I'm keeping the some of the pound by not calling it WAR. I take back everything I said above because if it is true then that would make me an idiot, but if its false, we are all still idiots, but at least i won't be alone.




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