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November 23rd, 2008, 03:05
UK gaming site TVG posts their review of Ascaron's recently released action rpg, Sacred 2:Fallen Angel, dishing out a score of 7/10:
As a dungeon crawler, Sacred 2 certainly offers what gamers look for. There are plenty of rogue elements to battle against, dropping loot along the way, along with labyrinthine dungeons and regions to get stuck into…there's a reason why it ships on two DVDs. For all its grand scale, and Ancaria is a mammoth place of over twenty square miles, Sacred 2 does…suffer from not feeling particularly epic at times. At a time where MMOs seem to be going through the gears of PC dominance, where World of Warcraft can sit alongside the free-to-play antics of Archlord, the more traditional action-RPGs (which Sacred 2 undoubtedly falls under) begin to feel rather old hat…But perhaps we're being a tad negative here; Sacred 2 finds itself in a hostile environment. PC gaming is going through a huge transition, and what Sacred 2 does is create a solid and deep experience for fans on the genre – even if it feels like we’ve experienced much of this in the past.
They also weren't too taken with the humor:
Something else that hasn't been forgotten from the 2004 original is humour, which continues to feel out of place here. Right from the loading screen, when a random quip appears (sometimes based on Monty Python), this 'lighter' side to Sacred II defies its hardcore gameplay. It's actually pretty contrived, with gravestones enjoying such jape-filled epitaphs like 'I'm not going anywhere', enemies going all post-modern with quips such as 'I knew I was only an extra'… It's not a sweet or mischievous humour like Overlord or Fable, or further back into the annals of time, the Discworld adventures, but what it does succeed in doing is stick out like a sore thumb.
Despite being a deep RPG that delivers a lot of scope for fans of the hack 'n' slash genre, Sacred 2's 16-player online multiplayer is its only real stab at originality. A lot feels familiar, and the attempt at humour doesn't pay off – that said, if you're looking for a stop-gap before Diablo III, then Fallen Angel will no doubt suit you well
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November 23rd, 2008, 03:05
I personally feel that in S2 the humor fits and works well within the confines of the game, it's structure, design and story.

Much better than the "failed" attempts in say Hellgate London…which imo should of stayed on a more serious tone.

Just picked up S2 on Friday and I'm really enjoying my early stint as a Shadow Warrior, it has actually made me put WOTLK on the back burner…

Wrath of who? lol

For any who enjoy, ARPGs I highly recommend it!

Regards & Good Hunting!
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