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December 8th, 2008, 19:25
The search for the Face of Mankind Continues!

Berlin, Germany - December 1, 2008 - Duplex Systems and Nexeon Technologies proudly announce that Duplex Systems' massively multiplayer action RPG "Face of Mankind" will be launched again in a joint cooperation. After the server shutdown in late November 2007 and Duplex Systems' former publisher Ojom GmbH leaving the project, their developers were facing difficult times. Despite all the obstacles, work on the project forged ahead during the entire time. The networking and server technologies were rebuilt from scratch, featuring new networking technology and a completely rewritten server.

In an effort to bring back Face of Mankind to the public, Duplex Systems secured the complete rights to all assets needed to operate and distribute their MMO independently. To divide work force and concentrate on developing, improving and operating the game, Duplex Systems has partnered with Nexeon Technologies, a company with a wealth of professional expertise in game services and server hosting. Nexeon will provide billing services, server hosting and operating forums for Face of Mankind. Due to the newly developed server architecture, the Face of Mankind servers will be located both in North America and Western Europe, while still being one single persistent universe.

"It has been a pleasure working cooperatively with Duplex Systems on the Face of Mankind project so far; we are looking forward to helping with the advancement of the game in order to make it an overall success. We plan on offering seamless billing solutions and quality servers worldwide to help ensure this success." Nexeon Technologies

Some previously unannounced features and changes will debut in this Face of Mankind re-launch. The developers spent significant time on rethinking all game features in order to realize their original vision of a completely player-driven MMOG with real-time combat. Some features had to be removed, while others had to be improved or expanded. Professions and squads were dropped and the concept of missions, campaigns and objectives has been simplified. Item handling, mining, production and the markets have received a complete revision as well. Plus, world takeover (previously known as colony takeover) has been improved to make it more exciting. All these changes had a final goal to focus everything on the ultimate Faction vs. Faction Face of Mankind experience offering a huge amount of player freedom.

"It has always been my original vision to create an online game in which you could become everything by using your own skills, regardless of character levels or classes. In Face of Mankind you can even become the leader of one of its 8 factions, without being a game master. Everything is possible; you just need to fight your way up the ladder. How you achieve that is totally up to you." said Marko Dieckmann, Managing Director of Duplex Systems,

"It's that kind of freedom that makes Face of Mankind attractive to all those who want more than the current MMOG uniformity has to offer."

Along with the Face of Mankind re-launch comes a new marketing concept. Free accounts will be available for everyone. These free accounts are without time limitation. However, additional features and options are available for subscribers. These premium accounts will be available at a low rate, which is yet to be announced.

Watch out for new developments and register your free account now at www.faceofmankind.com

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