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Default Gothic 1: Final conversation with Lester (English version)

February 10th, 2009, 15:37
Major spoiler alert (Gothic 1).

This is just a little something that has been bugging me for years, and I've never quite been able to figure it out.

After the Old Camp starts calling the main character a traitor, you get a quest by Diego to talk to Gorn and Lester, and tell them about a meeting. Completing this quest is not much of a problem: You'll find Gorn in the New Camp, and Lester in the old fortress where he helped you get a focus stone.

The strange thing is this: When talking to Lester about the meeting (the last conversation you'll ever have with him), it's as if someone merely patched his dialogue together from various other sound clips. His voice is calm, then angry, then calm again. Sometimes he's saying stuff that simply doesn't make any sense at all, or his voice changes completely (not the same voice actor).

Does anyone know what the story is behind this particular conversation? I'm guessing the voice actor had quit by the time they recorded the conversation, so they had to use existing sound clips to complete the dialogue. However, that's just a guess, and I'm quite curious about the real story.
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February 10th, 2009, 23:08
Lester is likely loosing his mind due to increasing sleeper's influence . Most sect campers flipped after the barrier collapse.

Sorry I don't have any real answer, intresting question though
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February 11th, 2009, 00:56
In my (Polish) language version this dialogue was also very weird, with him suddenly sounding angry/annoyed. At first I thought this was kind of "Thanks for the castle, now leave me alone! I'm rich! Mwahaha!" but since in G2 he was more/less normal I just forgave him and stopped thinking about it. But, yeah, he really surprised me at that moment…
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February 11th, 2009, 01:26
I've started up on my netbook but have a *long* way to go before getting there … but I remember it was a natural Sleeper-induced nuttiness.
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