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March 11th, 2009, 06:39
I'm glad I came to this thread because it beat some sense into me. I am resigned to the fact that I cannot beat Miss Rat with my level 4-5 party. Fortunately, I am a voracious saver, so I was able to restore right before I went into her lair.

Now I understand why they had that other dwarf shadow you along the way, offering supplies and a quick route back. They really weren't kidding about the difficulty. Its a bit surprising actually, because you figure this is just one easy sidequest to take of before you tackle the "big stuff". While I did make it to the final battle, I often had trouble along the way with the large groups of Black Rats surrounding my guys. My armor, HP, and endurance simply ran out many times before I got fortunate enough to land the right sequence of lucky blows.

Now I think I'll check out the trading war at the docks and help out below the temple before I even attempt coming back here. Not to mention having plenty of *pronto healing* potions as well as special moves I can use to attack GROUPS of bad guys.

Oh, and now I see why the Endurance special talents are important too!
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March 11th, 2009, 08:09
I just beat her with a level 7-8 party after about 6 attempts. I drew out the first lot of rats in there with her before the place was sealed which meant I could get a head start on her before she called the next round. That helped at the end. I had 2 left standing!!
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March 11th, 2009, 08:58
On the official forums you have a similar thread.

Some people say to max out your willpower to prevent wounds as those
are a big deal of the damage the rats deal out.
With willpower maxed out people wrote that they were able to kill her with
a level 3-4 party.

Hopes this help, I still have to do that encounter.

The dungeon under the temple is a nice spot to prepare for that battle, Amoebs have 70hp (and sometimes come in packs of 2) and deeper in that dungeon they have 100hp. At the deepest section there even is a boss spider
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March 11th, 2009, 18:19
Yeah I was able to defeat her with a level 4 party and spellweaver as main character after a couple of tries.

Couple of tips:

Make sure Amazon's and Dwarf's willpower is high, wounds hurt your stats a lot and you go down with 5 wounds, no matter what your hp is at. Make sure they both have very good armor too. Make sure their parry is high and they are using shields. Make sure either your main character or 3rd character has high Cure Wounds skill and plenty of bandages.

At first I made my main character stay back and sent in amazon, dwarf, charlatan and summoned animal. Had the amazon tank the big rat while the other guys picked off little rats 1 by 1. If any of the characters picked up a wound I would immediatly make my main character heal them, or use Cure Wounds if it was more then 1 wound. Be especially swift on the Amazon, since the big rat is the most likely to inflict them. I lost the Amazon couple of runs because the rat would suddenly spike several wounds on her over 2-3 rounds. If the summoned animal went down, I would re-summon with main character. Once all of the little rats are down I would concentrate on the big rat with everyone except for the main character, whom I would move back to the original position. Once the big rat summoned more guards, I would have dwarf and gladys peel off and engage them. The's a lot of "luck" involved here depending on how quickly your characters pick up wounds.

If you lose any of the characters and the rat isn't on its last legs, just restore a save and try from the beginning.

Oh yeah, I heard another tip recently: If you use 'Meek you Be' spell on one of the little rats, the big one won't be respawning any more of them.
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March 11th, 2009, 23:15
Wish I'd thought to try that spell on the rats, I completely forgot about it!!
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March 12th, 2009, 20:44
I also did it with level 6 team, after Moorbridge, so not an exploit but still tough. I got the feeling that the important points was mainly linked to:

For Forgrimm and Rhulanna:
  • Wisdom to 15 for Forgrimm and Rhulanna (lower a lot the wounds level)
  • Treat wound 13 and more than 20 heal item for Forgrimm and Rhulann (important for heal wounds or more heal than only from 2 spells healers, but clearly even more here would be better).
  • Defensive Combat 1 (both did all fight in this mode and never get out of endurance and even could use some Mighty Blow on wild rats but never on mother).

For Spellweaver PC and Gladys:
  • Wisdom to 6 (not enough points for more).
  • Balm of Healig maxed (With characters level 6 provide a good amount of heal and can heal wounds level 2).
  • Fatness of Body maxed (duration 300s and improves a lot resistance against attacks)

Against mother:
  • No special attacks, I wonder if I ever see one succeed.
  • When a fighter was wounded, immediate spell healing.
  • When a fighter was too much wounded, take care the other fighter attack mother and move out the wounded fighter so he didn't get attacked by mother and could heal him more safely.
  • When possible, Aimed shot from my spellweaver.
  • No spell spend on mother, keep mana for healing, curing poison, few summon, some Fandango Fireflies.

Against wild rats:
  • At beginning of the fight, before starting it, two casters cast Fatness of Body, that improve a lot their resistance against the wild rats. And I bet they died both during last summon of wild rats because I forget renew the effect or couldn't because of lack of mana.
  • For first pack, no summon and take care to be close to entrance to not attract mother yet.
  • When new pack come, stop attack mother but take care mother continue attack the right fighter.
  • When new pack come, two priority, destroy it asap and more important not have all of them attack only one character. For that when mother summon, take care to see at least two come from far and make each fighter attack one.
  • Take a lot of care to heal the two casters during a weave of wild rats and until it get fully destroyed.
  • Take care to have the two casters not close to mother so it didn't attack them when both fighters stop attack mother.

Despite characters level 6 and so many tactics at last weave of wild rats the two casters died and I had to end the fight with the two fighters against 2 wild rats and mother.

At some point one fighter was close to death then moving him out make mother attack the other and after few healing the low health level fighter (but no more wounded) could come help finish the fight.

My feeling is that using Gwendala would have been a better choice than Gladys.

Also I tried few time in previous attempts to use Meek you Be on wild rats but never make it work, perhaps I didn't tried enough.

And Lightning Find You seems quite useless against mother.

For last attempt I also make Gladys learn Pulmbumarm… but forgot use it!

Also one dwarf gives you the advice to use potions but I didn't tried that at all, sure it could help if you can make or buy some.
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March 13th, 2009, 17:33
Originally Posted by Dasale View Post
Fatness of Body maxed (duration 300s and improves a lot resistance against attacks)
My fatness of body is maxed. Too many hours playing games.
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March 14th, 2009, 02:46
Okay, went back after I finished the
quests with a level 6 party.

After 2 tries, I finally brought her down. I took much of the accumulated advice in this thread.

My tanks Rhulanna and Fogrimm had very high willpowers (12 and 15 respecitvely) and also imbibed Elixirs of Courage made by my Archer/Alchemist main char. Drainor wasn't nearly as sturdy, but provided an extra blade and helped keep the little rats away from my main guy. All three were placed into defensive fighting mode level 1. Their job was to fight small rat waves and then concentrate on the Mother rat once they went down.

My archer stood back untouched and concentrated exclusively on Mother Ratzinsy!

The key for winning was a devastating called shot from my Archer (who has 15 in bows) using the Marksman talent with one those killer arrows you get from the
in the Marsh. It must have taken off a TON of HP because the Mother Rat was only slightly over half in health, then suddenly she was gone! I was a bit surprised myself, but I'll take the win! I was so happy to be done with this thing I neglected to inspect the console to see the exact details of the hit.

As expected, Dranor went down but everyone else was left standing with NO WOUNDS!
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October 2nd, 2009, 08:24
guys I can top everyone in the thread. I fought my way down into that dungeon at only lvl 4. I then proceeded to accidentally quick-save due to excitement after I was trapped by the crystals. This did not go well. the charlatan had her origonal crap dress and didn't survive so well. (i had to reload due to crap gear). I burned most of my money on good gear, cause i thought I can do this. I then spent at least 5 hours on this fight. I won. It took innumerable retries but i won. I am a true man. well in a nerdy stupid stubborn way. I certainly understand why people didn't beat her early. I found that if I lost even on party member it was over.
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October 2nd, 2009, 14:33
Level 4? You have my respect, sir!

Welcome to our forum!
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October 2nd, 2009, 20:26
Quite an accomplishment with such a low level !
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October 4th, 2009, 01:22
You have my vote for King of the Rat killers!
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October 29th, 2009, 20:15
I did it at level 4, too! Well except for Rhulana who was level 5, but Forgrimm did most of the heavy hitting.

I did have to resort to multiple attempts, with saves in between the wave of rats….
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