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November 18th, 2006, 01:21
Rating it "Fans Only", GameZilla's micro-review of NWN2 bemoans the complexity and spends one of four paragraphs on the toolset without knowing anything about it:
If youíre familiar with the first Neverwinter Nights, youíll recall that it had a robust toolset built specifically to cater to the mod making community. Since NWN is in essence a DnD simulator, being able to publish user created modules really helped extend the value of the game. Regardless, Iím unfortunately a poor judge of character. I never played around with the original toolset, and canít tell if this new one is really good. That said, it is obvious that a great deal of work went into the NWN2 toolset and I have a feeling that itíll follow in the footsteps of the original.
More information.
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November 18th, 2006, 01:21
This may seem like a bad (micro) review of the game but its not (really). Its average. On their scale its like a 2 out of 3.

Although, I have to admit there is very little detail he gives and he comments on the toolset without even using it?

There review is based on 8 different criteria that is five 4's, two 3's, and a 2. I assume these are out of 5.

Here is there scoring system:

About our scoring system

One of the changes we've made at Gamezilla recently is the institution of a new game recommendation scoring system that replaces our old 1-100 scoring scale. Since scoring and reviewing games is at the heart of what we do, this change is a big one, and we didn't make it lightly. Why have we done this? Because when you're wondering what to buy, we felt it was more useful and honest for us to rate a game the same way you'd rate a movie or a restaurantóby cutting to the chase and telling you whether or not we think a game is worth spending your hard earned money on, instead of trying to make you figure out exactly how a game that scored a 78 was different from a game that scored an 82 or an 84.

So we now rate games with just one of three possible overall scores:

Recommended Buy

Games that receive our "Recommended Buy" rating are titles that we feel should have high appeal to the vast majority of gamers, and which further distinguish themselves as the cream of the crop within their genre. These are games that we feel you will consider a good purchase and a good use of your time.

Fans Only

Games that receive our "Fans Only" rating fall into one of two categories:

1. Major genre games that are decent values but aren't the best titles in their group, ie: "This is the fourth or fifth best fighter pilot game I've ever played." Well, there are an awful lot of fighter pilot games. By no means does this rating imply the game is bad; it just isn't outstanding in its particular field.
2. Games that are excellent titles within their genre but whose appeal might be limited. This classification could apply to people who really enjoy, say, deer hunting simulations or turn based recreations of the Crimean War. In other words, if you're already into similar games, we think it's a good bet you'll like this one. If you're looking for something brand new, this may not be the best place to start.

Not Recommended

Games that we label "Not Recommended" are usually titles that are clearly copycats of more successful games, games that are extremely buggy or otherwise poorly executed, or games that are just aren't any fun after the initial thrill of ripping off the cellophane has passed.

It should be noted that we do still score a number of individual game components such as graphics, audio, controls, etc. on a 1-5 scale so that our readers will have a better idea of some of the factors that went into our final evaluation. However, these are now secondary to the overall recommendation for each title.

Important note regarding "questionable" game content
As we here at Gamezilla are big believers in the First Amendment, we duly note with each title what ESRB rating the game has received for violence, language, and other graphic content. We make the assumption from there that the buyer will, in fact, beware of anything which they or their children might find objectionable.

In general, we do not penalize a game for being a bit "over the top" in one or more of these categories as long as it's still enjoyable to play. The exception to this would be if a game is so egregious in its content or play that it makes even our seasoned gaming staff feel a bit uncomfortable. In other words, please do take the time to check each game's rating and take responsibility for knowing what games your children are playing.
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November 18th, 2006, 05:38
I haven't played NWN 2, but based on my experience with 1, I dont see how these "too complex" statements are being made.

Is it really that complex or are reviewers just that retarded from playing all the super dumbed down games out there? Is this is just one more nail in the coffin of AAA rpgs being made?
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November 18th, 2006, 06:10
It's certainly not complex, although one who isnt familiar with D&D may be unsure of what feats to take on level up and so on. Yes it really looks like some reviewers just dont have a clue when it comes to a game that's more than just brainless action -- it's a cliche but what other conclusion can one make ?
I wonder how the editors decide who's going to review the new releases, shouldnt a RPG given to someone who maybe likes RPGs, who's played them before and can thus relate it to all the CRPGs that came before ?
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November 18th, 2006, 14:29
Their rating system might make sense, if it was used with sense….

Flight sim X - recommended to everyone, ehh ok so realistic flying sims for everyone now ?

Civ expansion - must buy, shouldnt it be more for civ fans ? I love civ, but i can also see why its not for everyone.

Joint task force - for fans only, but why is the "for rts fans only" logic only applied here ?

Ok im only skimping over the ratings, reading the reviews deeper may put in more logic, but ever since the huge fiasko with oblivion getting perfect scores everywhere, gaming mags can bite me, they are all braindead console morons imo.




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November 19th, 2006, 02:21
The difficulty is probably that RPG's are now something of a niche market, though obviously a fairly large niche. Reviewing an RPG is much more challenging than a Shooter and with the need to 'get it out quickly' that many sites have, it's no wonder so many of the reviews are poor!! How many play a D&D game 3 times like our old Dot reviewer Xen did, just to try out various combination?
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