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July 3rd, 2009, 10:16
World of Gothic has news the IronKeep team has released an updated v1.0a community patch for Gothic II. If I understand correctly, they've added an Alternative Balancing System option, which seems a major feature for a 1.0a release:
Hello WoG Community,

We're delighted to announce the official release of our latest patch, v1.0a. Okay, it's been out for a little while now , but we decided to wait until it was up here on WoG, the community where we came into being, before we made an official announcement.

We've fixed some final bugs in the scripts and added a new, optional Alternative Balancing System, for those who want to try Gothic II again but with some more flavor to the gameplay. You don't have to install it if you want to play "classic" NotR, but if you're itching for a new game experience with the same game, you might want to give it a shot.

Full details are found in the Readme, available during the setup and in the /ICP directory generated by the Setup. Enjoy our newest release!

Best Wishes,

The Ironkeep Studios Team
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More information.
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July 3rd, 2009, 10:16
Night of the Raven: IronKeep Community Patch
v 1.0a Hotfix
by Ironkeep Studios

NOTE: Our patch requires Gothic II Gold to be installed! It does not work with vanilla Gothic II!

Also, if you have installed any other mods prior to this installation, please remove them before proceeding. The contents of these patches will be included in all of our Gothic II mods anyway.

About the Patch:

Gothic II: Night of the Raven is an excellent game, after all these years. However, it is still somewhat beset by bugs, even with the latest release. Our patch aims to fix as many of these bugs as possible, and enhance the experience of those playing Gothic II Gold.

As we fix more bugs, patches will be released. If there is a bug you would like addressed, please let us know. What we have done has been included in the changelog below. Enjoy .


The Ironkeep Studios Team.

__________________________________________________ __________

Alternative Balancing:

We have added an optional alternative balancing system for NOTR. With the Alternative Balancing System installed, Monsters are tougher, but LP costs have been rebalanced, stat limits are increased, new Weapons and Items added, and other new features have been implemented. As such, this is essentially the sequel to the earlier Heights of Power mod, previously published by Korianous. A full compiled list of Alternative Balancing content is located in the changelog.

NOTE: It is possible that the Alternative Balancing .vdf could screw with some mods. In case you are having trouble, simply add a .bak or .disabled extension to the .vdf file while playing a mod. To re-enable it while playing NOTR, just remove the .bak extension. That’s it .

New LP Costs:

Training STR/DEX/MANA from 10-60 costs 1 LP/Skill Point
Training STR/DEX/MANA from 60-120 costs 2 LP/Skill Point
Training STR/DEX/MANA from 120-180 costs 3 LP/Skill Point
Training STR/DEX/MANA from 180-240 costs 4 LP/Skill Point
Training STR/DEX/MANA from 240-300 costs 5 LP/Skill Point

LP costs for combat training are unaffected. Only certain teachers will be able to train you to this new maximum, you’ll just have to find them. With the aid of stat boosters (stone tablets, potions, etc.) your attributes can potentially be raised to the absolute limit of 400.

Damage Table for Rescaled Claw of Beliar:

Player Claw 1H 2H
Level Level Dmg Dmg
<=11 1 100 110
11 2 101 111
13 3 102 112
15 4 103 113
17 5 104 114
19 6 105 115
21 7 106 116
23 8 107 117
25 9 108 118
27 10 109 119
29 11 110 120
31 12 111 121
33 13 112 122
35 14 113 123
37 15 114 124
39 16 115 125
41 17 116 126
43 18 117 127
45 19 118 128
47 20 120 130


__Alternative Balancing __

- Stats can be trained up to 300, with maximum stats at 400.
- LP costs rebalanced.
- Bosper sells new Bows.
- The Claw of Beliar has been rescaled.
- Betty now does as much damage as the Ore Dragon Slayer.
- Rod’s Two-Hander does as much damage as a Rough Two-Hander.
- Erol and Rengaru now provide +3 Strength/Dexterity Bonuses, respectively.
- The Fencing Sabre is available from Hakon, and a new weapon, the Katana, can be purchased from Fisk.
- New Staves are available from Kronos.
- Ambient XP Caps Removed, you will always get a +250 XP Bonus.
- Pepe’s Quest will now generate actual wolves, instead of Young Wolves.
- Several monsters now have unique strengths and weaknesses, which you will need to think about in order to defeat them.
- Monsters have all been toughened up.

__Patch v 1.0a(hotfix)__

- Fixed improperly equipped armor on certain individuals.
- More dialogue fixes.
- Improved FOV/Camera System. Widescreen Resolution Improvements.
- Improved Combat AI.
- Sekob is no longer immortal, so he is not unbeatable upon completion of the "Sekob Misses His Wife" quest.
- The two strongest two-handers in the game (Dragon Slicer & Berserker’s Axe) can no longer be bought in stores, you must actually adventure to find them . Don't worry though, you shouldn't have to go too far out of your way.

__Patch v 1.0__

- Fixed several text and dialogue errors.
- Certain Lines in Vatras & Lares' dialogue are now in English.
- Appraising your Goldmining Ability is now in English.
- A few more XP Bonuses.
- On the quest to get Thorben's approval, getting a blessing from Isgaroth now gives you a 100 XP bonus.
- The Stunt Bonus is now 1000 XP.
- Joining Morgan's and/or Henry's Raiding Troop now grants a 50 XP Bonus.
- Toughened up the Black Wolf of the Novice Quest, Boars & Field Raiders now yield 100 XP when killed, Ice Wolves now yield 250 XP.
- Fire Devils, and Shadowbeast Skeletons are now slightly tougher.
- Bartok is tougher, so it's less difficult to keep him alive on the "Furs for Bosper" Quest.
- Giant Rats are tougher than Young Giant Rats. Wolves, Minecrawlers, Bloodflies, Snappers, and Razors now have stats similar to Gothic I.
- Lares can now provide the Simple Way to join all 3 guilds.
- Fixed the notorious "Stuck Ornament Bug" with Lares.
- Fixed a bug with the Bandit's Tower Quest.
- Fixed the bug where the Dragons occasionally yield no trophies.
- The Orc Attack Video no longer crashes the game.
Interesting.. Still digesting..
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July 3rd, 2009, 13:25
i will never understand those weirdos who make mods and call them patches.
deary me, what's the point?

make impossible modes for ultraseasoned players, and call them balancing.
add, introduce, remake heaps of features related to things that are not bugged at all, and call them fixes.

my goodness!
i can understand that replaying a game (any game) 200 times makes it boring, but why are they up and trying to explain how the game is flawed, when it's not????
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July 3rd, 2009, 13:28
I see there only a difference in naming, at least in most places (not all) :

- patches by devs = patches
- patches by fans = mods

To me, it's a question of words used.

Anything *official* most likely won't ever be called a "mod". But instead a "patch".

Anything fan-made will be called either mod or patch, although most often a mod.
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