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July 14th, 2009, 21:31
Some German previews have popped up in the last couple of days.
In a positive preview Eurogamer.de states that the games does a lot of things in the right way and that there is a deep story combined with lots of humor but that the success of the game depends on how well Larian is able to solve some of the issues they encountered with balancing, framerate and CTD's. Still they conclude that if these issues are solved the game is something to look forward to.
There are also a lot of screenshots on Eurogamer.de.
GBase.ch has lots of positive things to say about the deep story, character development, graphics and combat, while also making a side remark about Larian still working on balancing.
And finally Krawall brings us a preview as well with a preliminary rating of good, but note that the graphics when flying as a dragon are a bit bland, which they blame on the Oblivion engine. When not flying as a dragon they state the game is very beautifull.
More information.
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July 14th, 2009, 21:31
Whoah… these screenshots look a lot different from the ones I'd seen. The other ones looked like Oblivion or something and made me lose interest, but these make the game look as though turning off bloom could give me a great looking game.
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July 22nd, 2009, 23:43
Been looking forward to this game for a long time Seems way more interesting than e.g Dragon Age. This will probably be GoTY for me (big fan of free roaming RPG's such as TES and Gothic)

Review from Gamestar:

Graphics 7/10
+ lots of details
+ lots of variety
- "strange" animations
- muddy textures
- game and cutscene transitions could have been handled better

Sound 9/10
+ very good to fantastic voice actors (german version here of course)
+ lots of variety and fitting music
- environmental stereosounds are weak

Balance 7/10
+ game can be beat with every skillset
+ well done and logical puzzle sections
- only 1 relatively easy difficulty setting
- boss fights too easy (except for final boss)

Atmosphere (8/10)
+ nice mix of traditional fantasy setting and humour/irony
+ fun to explore the world
+ spot on humor
- change of character too quick (not even sure what they mean in german)
- some weak plotlines

Controls/Handling (8/10)
+ good mouse/keyboard handling
+ assignable hotkeys
+ able to teleport
- unclear/confusing inventory
- weak map

Game length (10/10)
+ huge amount of quests, most of which are optional
+ huge and varied world
+ upgradeable player fortress

Quests (10/10)
+ nice story
+ good/evil paths
+ interesting characters
+ surprise twists

Character/Skill system (9/10)
+ you're free to choose what skills you want
+ opportunities to experiment
+ lots of useful skills
+ dragon has own skills

Combat system (6/10)
+ exciting
- no active blocking
- close combat hard to avoid
- dragon flight is limited

Items (10/10)
+ huge amount of items, weapons, and potions
+ powerful set-items
+ you feel your character improving
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July 23rd, 2009, 04:05
Thanks for that translation!
-- Mike
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