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September 15th, 2011, 23:57
I used to use the free version of ProTools for the old Mac OS architecture.

I thought it was a fantastic tool, for being able to adjust equalizations, channel balance, and record rates. I would post-process manually by manually editing the waveform to remove pops and scratches. They came out sounding wonderful.

I've tried some of the more automated tools, but they all sounded pretty poor.

Can some one recommend to me a high quality transfer too for OS X (or for the PC if nothing else comes to mind)? Hopefully share- or freeware?

I prefer Mac because I have an old special USB iMic dongle that does A-to-D conversion very cleanly (although I have to turn off all the dimmers in the house because of the EMC buzz they create over the power lines).
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March 24th, 2012, 01:50
Hi Thrasher,
nice to meet a mac user here.
Even if I did not use them yet (but I have them and plan to use them), let me mention VinylStudio and WaveLab.
The first one, by Alpinesoft, exists in a Lite version that I got free from MacFormat magazine (maybe you can trace it) and is thought for "ripping" and cleaning vinyl albums.
The second one, by Steinberg, existe in a LE version that I also got free from some music magazine (Keyboard if I remember correctly) and is thought for audio editing.
Other good and cheap audio tools for Mac that you could be willing to try out are Audacity and Ardour.
Last but not least, you could even use Garageband to get the audio in and then look for some AU plugin that permits some cleaning and equalization (this is a universe itself).
I'm not posting links, but you can easily google them all out.

Good luck and let me know,
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