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Default Knights of the Chalice - Hits v1.21

October 17th, 2009, 23:20
Knights of the Chalice has hit v1.21, offering a feature I've been waiting for - Turn Undead. Here are the notes:
- Added Turn Undead (to use it with your saved games, have the party rest first)
- Added new spell animations for Bless, Bane and Freezing Sphere.
- Fixed a AI problem with the Cure and Inflict spell-like abilities, and other problems with the spell Invisibility Purge and the Invisibility condition.
- Fixed a few remaining display issues with the new graphic mode.
- Fixed “webbed” condition (and other conditions) not disappearing after a character is killed or knocked out.
- Putting on a spider cloak will remove the webbed and entangled conditions immediately.
- Added a message in the spell casting screen reminding about Scribe Scroll, once all your high-level spell slots are exhausted.
- Corrected Harm and Heal so that they don’t do more than 150 points of damage or healing, or 75 points when saved against.
- Wearing a spider cloak will allow to charge into a web. Creatures with fire immunity will also be able to charge into a wall of fire, and creatures who can see through darkness will be able to charge through darkness areas.
- Dead or petrified spell casters in the party will not be able to learn scrolls, use scrolls or wands, or craft scrolls and magic items.
- Effects from Iron body will disappear at the end of combat.
- Multiple ranged attacks conducted in melee range will trigger multiple AOOs.

Other notes
• Checked Still spell with a 2-handed weapon and while grappled, didn’t see anything wrong there.
• Tried the battle with the salamander Pharixx but didn’t see any problem with his spell count (Archangel, do you have any extra details on how it happened? Was he muted/grappled/silenced/interrupted by a counterspell or ready versus spell action?).
Thanks, Skavenhorde!
More information.
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October 17th, 2009, 23:20
Anyone actually play this one all the way through? All my initial complaints seem to be long gone (reso, font).
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October 18th, 2009, 17:51
Originally Posted by Melvil View Post
Anyone actually play this one all the way through? All my initial complaints seem to be long gone (reso, font).
Finished the game with 1.19
Not sure more bug fixing is needed. It would be better if they started with KotC2
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October 18th, 2009, 23:14
I haven't finished, because of AoD testing and Risen, but I still go back to it once in a while, and it still delivers.
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October 19th, 2009, 03:13
I stopped a month or so ago. I saw how he was making tons of updates so I decided to hold off until the final one. Right now my guys are in the mountain pass. Poor guys are freezing their bum bums off until he has made the last update
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