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December 10th, 2009, 23:10
Strategy Informer has gotten their hands on a copy of Divinity 2 and posted their review, scoring it 7/10:
Here's their summing up:
Divinity II, whilst not being a direct contender to Dragon Age, is nevertheless going to be in the shadow of that game's PR machine. It's a very good title, and highly addictive in certain areas. It's not often that we play through a game until the early hours of the morning, but this title earned its place on that most hallowed list. Unfortunately, it's far from perfect. Nothing game-breaking, but there's so many oddities, annoyances and moments of utter frustration that keep this game from being as great as it could have been. Nevertheless, there's plenty here to entertain, and it's not every day that a game can stand up against Bioware and not be utterly crushed.
More information.
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December 10th, 2009, 23:10
Pretty good review, although a few times he points out what he feels is a negative but I feel it's a positive.

Progression in Divinity II is a strange affair. Whilst the game favours quests over combat for the bulk of experience (eliminating the need for a grind), there aren't always clear boundaries for you to follow.
The above quote is presented as somewhat a negative. But I see it as a positive point. From a mainstream perspective, I do see how it would be a slight negative.

This game also seems to take perverse pleasure in outnumbering you, especially during the early segments of the game.
Again, I see that as a challenge, although from a mainstream persepctive I know that would be a negative.

The author also makes liberal use of the word, 'whilst' which of course costs him points. I give his review a B+.
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December 11th, 2009, 01:54
I guess the reviewer didn't build his character correctly since he thought he was outnumbered. I absolutely destroyed everything in my path through most of the game I have played so far and when I didn't it was the early part and it was still not that hard. The only time I had difficulty was killing the assassin in the Alchemists house at the beginning of the game and that was really hard but was only one enemy.
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December 11th, 2009, 16:50
I found the early part very hard, for an archer.

I had to give my character several close combat related skills in order to survive.

From forum entries I took that the game was generally rather balanced towards close combat. Archers had it much harder, I think.
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December 12th, 2009, 01:26
I've had to put playing Div 2 on hold till my son visits for Christmas. The battle when you first gain Dragon form is WAY beyond my twitch capabilities; I don't have fast relexes/reactions and simply cannot keep up with all the attacks I'm getting. This is a SERIOUS, almost FATAL design flaw IMO. Anything which requires 'shooter' skills should NOT be an essential part of an RPG!!
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December 12th, 2009, 01:52
Sounds like the devs definitely didn't pamper us here.
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