1. fengzi597

    Those P2P Switch To F2P MMOs

    In recent years, more and more games started with a P2P system have switched to F2P, such as Lord of the Rings Online, Ragnarok Online 2, Age of Conan, Lineage II, DC Universe Online, Aion Online etc. Since I am a poor student, I have already played some of them. Below is my three favourite p2p...
  2. H

    Good and bad things about Age Of Conan

    I don't think any game have given me more conflicted feelings than this one, but anyway here's my bullet-point list... The good: - Absolutely ruthless melee combat. The joy of getting a fatality with your mace, forcing your enemy down on their knees and cracking their skull open never gets...
  3. M

    AoC for $10 at local store

    Wow, I didn't realize it was this bad. A local London Drugs, a pharmacy/electronics store, has AoC in the clearance bin for $10. And I paid $50 at launch.