1. B

    Dunnigan's Trail: A Roadtrip RPG With Free Demo!

    Hello everyone, I'm Brian and I'm working on a roadtrip rpg called Dunnigan's Trail. In Dunnigan's Trail, you're a merchant looking to strike it rich. Lead a wagon of hired swords on a trail of danger and hijinks that's a different experience every time. Defend your wares in turn-based tactical...
  2. Aubrielle

    Greywalkers: Purgatory - Pre-Alpha Combat Demo

    The thing that struck me first was the music, oddly enough. It was like Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear stumbled into Chaos Overlords. An intense sound gearing you up for special tactical ops shot through with synthesizers and a slightly cyberpunk feel. It screamed post-apocalyptic combat, and it...
  3. Lemonhead

    Risen Use savegame from demo in Risen?

    As stated in the title I wondered if anyone knows if the savegames in the demo can be used in the real version of the game. I was curious since I don't want to run around and beef up my character as much as possible if I can't use it when I get the real game.