1. danutz_plusplus

    Gothic Letsplay with Developers

    I stumbled onto something quite fun. It seems Kai Rosenkranz, the composer for the Gothic series is starting a letsplay of Gothic 1, with plenty of developer commentary. And on episode one he's also brought on Mike Hoge, the creative director. So fun watching the two playing and talking. Too...
  2. K

    Kai Rosenkranz is making music again!(former Gothic composer)

    To all Gothic fans: The composer of the music of the Gothic series, Kai Rosenkranz, is making music again! After a short break from music he has started a Kickstarter campaign for his new album. If you are a fan of the Gothic music you might as well like his upcoming album. Here is the link to...
  3. S

    Gothic Newb Question: NotR

    After enjoying Risen, I went and got Gothic 2 with Night of the Raven. I was wondering if a new player should install Night of the Raven before starting the game or if it's something to wait to do after you finish the original story in Gothic 2. What's your advice?
  4. blackcanopus

    Character model evolution in 'Gothic' series

    One of my friends posted this interesting topic in our forums, which brought back memories from the time I played Gothic. I thought most of you would find it interesting too. Diego was one of my favorite characters in Gothic series and he will appear in Arcania: Gothic 4 as well. These...
  5. Pericle

    Gothic 3 Gothic Movie Contest!

    Hello, There is a community Gothic movie contest at the JoWooD forums, please feel free to apply and maybe win a prize! ;) Here is a part of the contest description: Thank you.
  6. S

    Gothic Gothic won't start, HELP?

    I Just installed gothic on my computer and for some reason it won't start! I've read other forums and and downloaded patches, but nothing is helping, does anyone know what to do? Edit: It's gothic 1, and it just won't start, no error message, i've tried both discs and it when i double click...