1. X

    Dreampunk: a surreal card-based TTRPG

    My new ttrpg, Dreampunk, just launched on Kickstarter! It's about struggling with an uncanny dreamworld, and it's played with surreal art cards rather than dice. Your character is a Dreamer, someone from a waking world who is drawn to the Dream when they sleep. As a Dreamer, you have powerful...
  2. V

    VoxStory - Kickstarter nnounced for Cinematic Style RPG!

    We are currently working on a fantastic and exciting upcoming 'cinematic' roleplaying game, VoxStory. Our Kickstarter has been announced and will be launched next month! Bringing your typical TTRPG's to life. With VoxStory, you don't just have to imagine it, you can see your story become...
  3. Redglyph

    Dungeon Full Dive

    I just spotted this funny VR project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dfdstudios/dungeon-full-dive-make-your-dnd-worlds-real It's still running until May 27th. They've already pledged 146,236 EUR of a 10,000 EUR goal, securing 5 additional goals, so it's going rather well. It supports...
  4. HiddenX

    NIRAVASI - An RPG Maker Adventure/Horror Game

    NIRAVASI - An RPG Maker Adventure/Horror Game -> Kickstarter Explore an ancient city, while escaping the machines that patrol it. NIRAVASI is PC RPG Maker MV Adventure/Horror game, set within the ruins of an ancient human city. Taking inspiration from surreal video games such as Yume Nikki...
  5. J

    The Way of Wrath - RPG

    A story-driven, open-world, tactical RPG set in a pre-historic shamanistic world. Inspired by Baldur's Gate, Gothic, & Legend of Zelda. It's party based, customizable characters, with crafting, base management, and relationships. All thumbs up in my opinion...
  6. S

    Dwerve, a Zelda-like Action Tower-Defense RPG is on Kickstarter

    Hi everyone, I'm Percy Legendre from Half Human Games, the small team behind Dwerve, a Zelda-like action tower-defense RPG where you play as a dwarven tinkerer that uses turrets and traps to fight. Dwerve launched on Kickstarter last week so I have been trying to tell more people about it...
  7. axellslade

    Eiyuden Chronicles Kickstarter

    Suikoden fans rejoice, we will soon have a spiritual successor! Funded day one! Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes An epic experience from the creators of classic JRPGs, with an intricate story and a gigantic cast of characters...
  8. daveyd

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Cyberpunk edition

    Well, OK not officially more or less a spiritual successor. Chinatown Detective Agency A point and click adventure where you use real world knowledge to solve puzzles instead of creating helecipters out of a rubber band and a banana peel might be nice for a change. There's a pre-alpha demo you...
  9. R

    After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long!

    Greetings! Our upcoming RPG / visual novel "After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long" has a demo available on Steam! (The name is a mouthful, isn't it? The short version is Catgirl's Questlist.) T3V8EFSCzTA&t= The player will take the role of Vera, a charm witch and adventurer, and...
  10. A

    [Kickstarter] Bluemoonpark

    Hello everyone! My team and I created a visual novel called Bluemoonpark. We are trying to get this funded so we can make this project possible. Check out the kickstarter page if you're interested! Thank you very much! Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/amateras/bluemoonpark
  11. M

    Kickstarter campaign to launch for fans of retro RPGs - Press Release at Renderosity

    My Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Imperium Omni, the RPG Unreal Engine game of my novel, just had our first Press Release, and it was picked up by Renderosity Magazine. Great article featuring the new teaser-tralier...
  12. daveyd

    RPG Vaporware you really wish would materialize

    I've been looking over failed KS RPGs I've backed & other promising RPGs I've been following and wondering if they'll ever see the light of day. What vaporware RPGs do you really hope will see a release some day? Here's some of mine: Seven Dragon Saga- CRPG from SSI veterans, but hasn't had...
  13. Mike Myler

    Imperial Matchmaker Kickstarter! Mega adventure, adventure path, 9 free PDFs!

    The Imperial Matchmaker Kickstarter has launched! We want to make 3 books for the Mists of Akuma eastern fantasy noir steampunk D&D 5E campaign setting: a mega adventure set in the metropolis of Sanbaoshi, an adventure path traversing all of Soburin, and a book of 8 iconic characters to be used...
  14. M

    Mini Gaming Tables on Kickstarter

    Hey guys. Ill keep it brief. I came up with an idea, all my RPG friends liked it, so I did a Kickstarter. It's going well so far and I thought you might like to check it out. Here it is :)...
  15. HiddenX

    A Near Dawn

    A Near Dawn - a Visual Adventure Game is now on Kickstarter. _UFhOwEiAwo A lawyer must save his friends and reveal the truth in a stylish humorous thriller blending Point & Click and Visual Novels
  16. daveyd

    "Age of Grit" Steampunk / Wild West CRPG

    Link You may remember three years ago a KS was campaign was successfully funded for Age of Grit. It raised a little over $15K. I was one of 636 backers. The game hasn't been released yet but progress has been made, including a combat demo released to backers and an animated intro cut-scene...
  17. Mike Myler

    Book of Exalted Darkness for D&D 5E Kickstarter! (2 free PDFs)

    This book is two things: a holy decopunk campaign setting and a supplement for evil GMs and players. The world of Askis is a utopian society built upon technology powered by inaequa, a wondrous substance that has greatly advanced scientific discovery—while radiating energy that elongates the...
  18. HiddenX

    Minotaur: A Point and Click Visual Novel

    Minotaur - a point and click visual novel is now on Kickstarter:
  19. daveyd

    [Kickstarter] Arcane- "An adventure-survival role playing game"

    Just came across this Kickstarter. Looks like it could be a nice game for anyone who likes some strategy / sim elements in their RPGs, but the primary focus is magic. And it's got a nice looking pixel art (doesn't look like deliberately retro for the sake of retro crap). Music is decent too...
  20. daveyd

    Possible Unrest Sequel?

    I just saw on twitter today that Pyrodactyl games is considering doing a follow-up to the RPG (which I'd say is actually more of a visual novel / adventure game) set in Ancient India. I thought the setting, soundtrack, and visuals were great for such a low budget game were fantastic and the...