1. Ergonpandilus

    Risen 2 Risen 2: Enhanced Experience

    [Release] Risen 2: Enhanced Experience Like many other Piranha Bytes games, Risen 2 is a flawed gem which needs some polishing. I've collected multiple mods plus included some my own balancing tweaks for gameplay and graphics performance to make the experience as good as possible. Graphics...
  2. B

    Icewind Dale - classic or NWN2 mod?

    Taking a Witcher 3 break (before I play the expansions) and feeling in the mode for some D&D - CRPG style. Given the lack of anything new in this genre that's worth playing, I am forced to go to the archives. I've never played the classic Icewind Dale. I purchased the enhanced version from...
  3. B

    NWN2 Mage Tome PRC & Spell Mod for NWN2

    Hello All, I just released version 2 of my Mage Tome mod for Neverwinter Nights 2. You can read more details of it here. Let me know what you think of it and how I can improve it. Thanks!
  4. Zloth

    XCom - The Long War (mod)

    I've been playing this mod to XCom - Enemy Unknown for a few weeks now and I'm really liking it. As the name implies, it makes the game longer. A *lot* longer. I think I've put 60 hours into the mod and I still haven't unlocked the enemy base yet (though I'm close). As you can see by the...
  5. M

    Day Z

    Has anyone heard of this? It's a post-apocalyptic zombie survival mod for Arma II: Combined Operations. It looks really interesting. It's all online so you'll occasionally come across other survivors who may, or may not, attempt to kill you and loot your body for supplies. Seems like everyone is...
  6. T

    AdvancedBinocular (MOD)

    Basically I created this AdvancedBinocular Mod just to make the Binocular worth to useā€¦ In the original game the Camera have exactly the same features of the Binocular but with a far better sight since the binocular overlay blurs more than half of your screen while the camera overlay only blurs...
  7. T

    NO MotionBlur (MOD)

    No MotionBlur (MOD) I just created this little No MotionBlur Mod, so if you want to keep the best graphic settings but you hate the Motion Blur you simply have to unpack the content of the attached archive in the same folder of the xenus.exe file and enjoy. :cool: IMPORTANT: This mod is based...
  8. badmofo

    Editing the in-game textures

    Below is a process for editing the textures in White Gold. You'll need a working, unpacked copy of the game with the SDK extracted into the game directory (group files removed after unpacking). The relevant file extensions are: .MAT - these files are just text files which describe a few things...
  9. Ergonpandilus

    Drakensang:RoT Ergo's AddonPack

    Ergo's AddonPack for TRoT [Mods] (v1.35) Ergo's AddonPack for Drakesang: The River of Time Features + New application icon + 3 new advantages for combat attributes + 7 new advantages for spells + 6 new disadvantages + 10 traits + 8 backgrounds (advantages) + 50% faster plant lore...
  10. jakebaker13

    Help w/ intro to PC gaming.

    I have always been a console gamer. I have played PC games in the past, (Diablo 2 and Guild Wars to name a few.) but I never really got into it because I was young and PC gaming was more expensive with having to upgrade the system and whatnot. Plus I don't know the first thing about a computer...
  11. Ergonpandilus

    Drakensang:RoT English Translation [Download]

    Fanmade german to english translation is done. :) It should work with demo as well. More info on this thread: http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/viewtopic.php?f=223&t=15207 Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/372787286/locale.db4
  12. Ergonpandilus

    Drakensang Ergo's Fixpack [MOD]

    Empty Description This mod will fix some errors in localization and gameplay. And it will also fix those aspects of the game I didn't find quite balanced. Main Features: + Localization fixes (translation) + Special abilities fixed (according to desc.) and xp costs adjusted to follow the...
  13. Ergonpandilus

    Drakensang Shields Tuneup [Mod]

    Here's link to my mod, that changes almost every shield into game and adds a lot more variation: http://forum.dtp-entertainment.com/viewtopic.php?f=191&p=129484#p129484