1. rjshae

    NWN2 Aftershock by Tsongo

    Aftershock by Tsongo
  2. B

    Icewind Dale - classic or NWN2 mod?

    Taking a Witcher 3 break (before I play the expansions) and feeling in the mode for some D&D - CRPG style. Given the lack of anything new in this genre that's worth playing, I am forced to go to the archives. I've never played the classic Icewind Dale. I purchased the enhanced version from...
  3. B

    NWN2 Mage Tome PRC & Spell Mod for NWN2

    Hello All, I just released version 2 of my Mage Tome mod for Neverwinter Nights 2. You can read more details of it here. Let me know what you think of it and how I can improve it. Thanks!
  4. S

    NWN2 looking for great roleplaying PW for NWN2?

    Looking for a good PW? Join www.midgardsaga.mine.nu Midgard Saga is a constantly evolving and constantly expanding role-playing world situated in a northern-mythological setting. Our setting is a slightly magical Viking-era Scandinavia, in a fictional land called Gardavik. Our server is still...
  5. Elrahc

    NWN2 Alventyr Adventures - a NWN2 role-play project

    Hello, My wife and I run a project called Alventyr Adventures which is a role-play persistent world for Neverwinter Nights 2. We just had our first-born (baby girl, awesomely cute) and I'm kind of stuck driving the rig alone for now. I need some help to bring this project to fruition and I was...