1. A

    Strategy Games With Characters Of Some Kind

    How are people feeling about stuff like Terra Invicta, Star Dynasties, Old World, Stellar Monarch 2, Alliance of the Sacred Suns, and Shadows of Forbidden Gods these days?
  2. S

    The Spirit of Europe - Free on Steam!

    Find our game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1689280/Spirit_of_Europe__Origins/ Find our game on itch.io: https://predictcsd.itch.io/spirit-of-europe-origins The Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4elJoEK0RA The Spirit of Europe - Origins is a free edutainment jRPG...
  3. C

    Paths & Danger - a mixture of Darkest Dungeon and Battle Brothers

    Greetings, We recently launched a test demo of our most recent project, Paths & Danger. We are a team of 2 working on this. Paths & Danger is a procedural turn-based RPG, the game is a mixture of Darkest Dungeon and Battle Brothers, actually got inspiration from both. But has an innovative...
  4. V

    VoxStory - Kickstarter nnounced for Cinematic Style RPG!

    We are currently working on a fantastic and exciting upcoming 'cinematic' roleplaying game, VoxStory. Our Kickstarter has been announced and will be launched next month! Bringing your typical TTRPG's to life. With VoxStory, you don't just have to imagine it, you can see your story become...
  5. S

    Weaving Tides: fantasy RPG with a lot of puzzles and unique mechanics

    Hello folks! I would like to tell about a new role-playing game that was recently released for Windows and Nintendo Switch. In Weaving Tides, players take control of a character who rides a dragon. The dragon's tail allows the player to do things like pulling an object, or connecting...
  6. D

    Rolld - App for boardgames and RPG fans

    Greetings RPG Watch community, how are you? :) We re Drakkarti, a startup that develops apps to assist players in several RPG games and boardgames. We invite you to discover Rolld, a free app that generates different types of dices (numeric, alphanumeric, for RPG, for table games, customized)...
  7. M

    Unferat- great indie warlock simulator rpg

    In Unferat, the protagonist will be opposed to the settlement and will take revenge on the villagers with the help of unholy creatures and dark sorcery. The methods of interaction with the enemy, the pace of the game and the style of passage are completely determined by the player. You will...
  8. J

    The Way of Wrath - RPG

    A story-driven, open-world, tactical RPG set in a pre-historic shamanistic world. Inspired by Baldur's Gate, Gothic, & Legend of Zelda. It's party based, customizable characters, with crafting, base management, and relationships. All thumbs up in my opinion...
  9. W

    Any good RPG board game recomendarions?

    Hey all, once upon a time pre-pandemic, me and my friends would meet up once a week to play Dungeons and dragons. From there we started playing some fun rpg board games like battle mage and gloomhaven. But in the last year with everything going on, i haven't been able to keep up with new good...
  10. H

    Scrolls of the Lord

    I want to introduce you to my game. It's a first-person RPG. Inspired by TES. https://store.steampowered.com/app/723070/Scrolls_of_the_Lord/
  11. N

    The Legend Of The Sacred Talisman

    The Legend Of The Sacred Talisman is an ARPG game created as a tribute to the classic Nintendo 90's action-adventure games, with a focus on The Legend of Zelda that has enchanted audiences for generations, along with us. With a gigantic world to explore, real-time combat, new mechanics to...
  12. Void000

    Haven't Seen this on the Front Page

    So this just released on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128970/Eterna_Heroes_Fall/ Has anyone play it? Any good...? Also, Dark Heart of Uukrul just re-released on Steam: https://www.gog.com/game/the_dark_heart_of_uukrul HIGHLY recommended. Please post this as news, Voidie.
  13. Void000

    Dragon Extinction

    Just reporting some news: a new game called "Dragon Extinction" just came out on Steam for $19.99. This is the last day of the sale, if you want it 10% off (Oct. 23). It is a four-player co-op dungeon crawl with soulslike combat. Not all the classes have been implemented yet, and not all of the...
  14. S

    Game Master Plus

    Why you may enjoy this Game About 10 hours playtime per class! British English! Easy-going with optional challenges! Every single skill, item, piece of equipment, enemy and state designed with love! Female protagonist! Little linear equipment progression! Occasional epicness! Open source...
  15. S

    Dwerve, a Zelda-like Action Tower-Defense RPG is on Kickstarter

    Hi everyone, I'm Percy Legendre from Half Human Games, the small team behind Dwerve, a Zelda-like action tower-defense RPG where you play as a dwarven tinkerer that uses turrets and traps to fight. Dwerve launched on Kickstarter last week so I have been trying to tell more people about it...
  16. S

    LV99: Final Fortress

    aySewYbrbIo So … You love JRPGs for their epic late game? Then why not skip the boring Stuff? Venture straight into the final dungeon of this heroic journey, Lay aside your legendary equipment for even better pieces, Slay bosses and super bosses with versatile skills and mighty finishers...
  17. Void000

    Favorite Purchases This Year

    Since this year's been a little slow, I thought it would help if we made a list of our best purchases this year. For me: Fort Triumph Stoneshard Haxity Blightbound Othercide If anyone wants to add some new releases, those are my suggestions.
  18. Void000

    What makes an RPG go from good to great?

    So, I'm happy to announce I get to playtest a new video game in its early stages, and the team are taking suggestions on mechanics. I thought it might be helpful for feedback if I interviewed a few RPG veterans about what makes an RPG tick, since I have very niche tastes, and don't want to be...
  19. K

    The Pale City: A Nontraditional, Story-Driven RPG

    Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce The Pale City, a story-driven, dark fantasy RPG with an emphasis on characterization and atmosphere. Explore a dangerous, morally complex world where every detail is personal. The game is now available on Steam! Trailer...
  20. Chris Kozmik

    Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown

    Hi! I'm the developer of Legends of Amberland and I would like to make an official topic about the game. In case some people got the feeling they have heard it somewhere already, yes, I was posting here years ago about an RPG I'm making, it was cancelled but I reused a lot of the code and the...