1. K

    Elex 2 Early Game Money

    Noted on the main Elex 2 thread but thought I'd kick off a thread here for any spoiler tips. Assume we don't need spoiler tags in the spoiler section! South of the fort is the lighthouse, not too dangerous a place early on, some nice goodies at the top. You won't be able to use the weapon for...
  2. Zloth

    Elex ELEX Solar System

    I checked and the sun set in the east. That's OK - some planets do that. A nice touch, really. Then I watched the moon. YOW! I can see it spinning and another moon spinning around that moon. But the moon doesn't move across the sky!! It could be a massive coincidence but I think it's more...
  3. Zloth

    D:OS2 The Doctor (Spoilers!)

    SPOILERS AHEAD!! I think I just came within a hair of losing this game! At level 19 I tried going into the Doctor's house. That ended very badly, very quickly. Six nurses (loved the solfège!), four soulhunter demon things, and The Doctor… all level 20. Worse yet, about two rounds in The...
  4. Kostas

    Planescape: Torment ending questions (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

    First things first, if you have not played and completed the game this thread is of no use to you. The only thing you could gain from reading this post or the answers I'm hoping for is destroy your chances of having one of the very best video games experiences you're likely to get.