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The Ascent Teases New Anniversary Content

BattleTech has Grown into a Sprawling, Must-play Mech War Sim - PCGamer
Harebrained Schemes pulled off something special when it released BattleTech back in 2018. It was a tight, satisfying squad tactics game with giant robot tanks, delivering customization, book-balancing mercenary management and lots of laser-induced explosions. Our own Chris Thursten scored it a very respectable 85, and things only improved with patches and DLC. That alone should be plenty of reason to pick it up and play it.
Cyberpunk Delayed Another Year Could Have Changed The Industry - Forbes
I was recently reading my friend Gene Park’s brilliant piece on playing Cyberpunk 2077, a game about a character with a terminal condition, while he himself is currently fighting cancer. It’s a great read, and I’ve found Gene to be a rare kindred spirit in his love for Cyberpunk, or at least what it became. Later, in further discussion, he equated it to “already playing” GTA 6. Previously, I’ve made the argument that it’s actually better than GTA 5 in a myriad of ways.
Hogwarts Legacy Release Date Potentially Leaked by Amazon - Gamerant
Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated titles set to release this year, but alongside other major releases like God of War Ragnarok, it is currently the only major title without a release date. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora was another highly anticipated holiday title, but Ubisoft recently announced it was being delayed. With the time between now and the holiday season dwindling, some fans have been understandably worried about a potential delay for Hogwarts Legacy.

However, it seems Warner Bros. Interactive and Avalanche Software are full steam ahead for Hogwarts Legacy's release. A recent leak seemingly specifies its release date as December 6, which is believable for a number of reasons.


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New trailer for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Anime Series

Welcome to Night City, where chrome exceeds the flesh. Find out what it means to be an edgerunner from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, coming to Netflix in September 2022!
Inkbound shows off gameplay with a Combat Overview Trailer

Mark Cooke, Shiny Shoe's co-founder and CEO, walks viewers through the basics of Inkbound's combat, including how the action transitions from real-time exploration to fast-paced, tactical battles.
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Forgotten Saga Official Launch Trailer

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla's rogue-lite-inspired free game mode, The Forgotten Saga, is available now. Check out the launch trailer and get ready to plunge into the depths of Niflheim and face overwhelming odds.


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Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor August 2022 Update - Kickstarter
It’s been a long, tiring journey, and I wish I had more to say. Yet, you’re going to have the game in your hands in just a few weeks, and it is capable of speaking for itself. We’re very happy with the adventures within, we hope you are too, and we’re looking forward to completely the series someday. You’ll hear from us soon. Have a nice few weeks!
The Dragoness: Command of the Flame Interview - ScreenRant
The game's Producer Maciej Struzyna and Designer Janina Wojciechowska talked with Screen Rant about the game's HoMM influences, the story writing process, and what players can expect from The Dragoness: Command of the Flame's features.
Zodiac Legion AI & Tiny Teams festival Update - Steam
This update is the perfect occasion to introduce our vision for the AI, and the general pacing of the levels in Zodiac Legion. One thing we wanted to avoid was to have the player party jump from one micro-encounter to the next. We wanted the whole dungeon to feel like a coherent battlefield, but it was not possible before, as the AI was not authorized to open doors.
Four Awesomely Wise Tips To Make Your Game End Well - Jeff Vogel
I have finished a lot of games lately, and I’ve experienced a lot of badly done endings.

When you write a story, the ending is important. Writing the end should be really fun and satisfying. No more exposition! No more character development. Now more shaping a plot! You're at the end! You've won!

It's over. You get to blow everything up. Everyone who needs to die dies. Everyone who gets rewarded gets rewarded. Cue the orchestra. Send the audience to the exit with a song in their hearts!

At least that's how it should be. All the endings I've seen followed a common troubling pattern. Game writers have picked up some really bad habits.

So here is some advice. All of it should be obvious. Yet, here we are.
Disco Elysium Creator Seems To Be Hiring For A Space Project - ScreenRant
Studio ZA/UM, the creator of 2019's hit game Disco Elysium, appears to be hiring for a new game set in space. Disco Elysium was one of the most acclaimed and important indie games of 2019, and players have been waiting eagerly to see what its studio will come up with next.


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Top 5 NEW RPGs of August 2022 - Fextralife

In this series, we highlight the Top 5 RPGs for the upcoming month. In this edition, we’re going to take a look at each of the titles, talk a little about each, and then explain why we think they deserve to be on the list. So join me now and find a mixture of some hidden gems and old favorites given a shiny new coat of paint.
My Five Most Anticipated Upcoming Game Releases - Mortismal Gaming

Honorable mentions to BG3 and Avowed, but these five games are the ones I am looking forward too the most over the next several years.
Starfield Performance Preview - IGN

Bethesda is one of the biggest studios within the Xbox portfolio, with its latest and arguably most anticipated title Starfield releasing on Xbox Series X/S, and PC in 2023. This huge Xbox Game Pass title had gameplay revealed earlier this year to provide a glimpse into what we can expect.

Built on an improved engine, The Creation Engine 2, the game shows clear strides over Fallout 4 and other previous titles. Space travel, world building, rendering technology, and more are all covered here in our IGN Performance Preview.


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Underrail: Infusion Dev Log #5: Character Model Customization
In this dev log, I'm going to give you a little sneak peek of what character customization will be possible in the new engine. Today, I'll only be showing and discussing male characters, but you can expect analogous customization for females as well.

As I mentioned in the previous dev log, we're now using PBR (physics based rendering) for characters. Might not be that apparent in the screenshot below, as all the characters are naked, but it'll definitely make a lot of difference once we start equipping them with gear made of different materials.
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - The cursed ship is being delayed
This will be a short update regarding The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC. As we were testing and polishing it, we’ve realized that some parts of it could use more love (and demonic corruption), but we were running out of time to do it. So, after some consideration, we decided to move the release date. Your cursed ship will arrive to port on the 30th of August, and meanwhile we’ll scrub the deck, place more loot, and hide the nastiest monsters and traps in places where you least expect them.

We apologize for delaying your cursed holidays in the depths of the Abyss, but such an expedition requires a thorough preparation, and we need to make sure you have everything before you set sail.
Square Enix Provides More Harvestella Details - RPGFan
Square Enix published a new blog post providing more details and screenshots for its upcoming action RPG/life sim Harvestella. The blog post introduces the town of Nemea as well as covering additional combat and life sim gameplay elements.


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Fallout 4 modder performs miracle, creates working ladders - PCGamer

Xander gives the rundown for climbable ladders for the settlement mode of Fallout 4. Stay tuned for the quick Xander Vlog at the end!
Tower of Fantasy Creative Gameplay Trailer

From fun mini-games and socializing to action-packed combat and exploration, Planet Aida offers something for everyone!
Will We Ever Get a KOTOR Remake? - TechRaptor

Google Stadia’s Shakespearian death monologue continues with another rumor it may be done soon, the KOTOR Remake’s development is at a standstill, and ending on some good news, EA is allegedly making an open world Black Panther Game.
The Outer Worlds 2 Doesn't Need To Compete With Starfield - ScreenRant
The Outer Worlds 2 should focus on increasing its handful of maps rather than trying to copy Starfield and the immense universe Bethesda is creating.
Starfield multiplayer: can you play with a friend? - Techradar
Back in the dusty annals of 2020, Todd Howard categorized Starfield as a single-player game alongside Elder Scrolls 6. While he didn't expand on this at all at the time – leaving an opening for dubious speculation – no new mention of multiplayer or singleplayer has come up since to suggest anything else.

Furthermore, if you look back at Bethesda's history of major hits, from Fallout 4 to Skyrim, there's very little reason for them to deviate from their formula. None of Bethesda's previous big hits have needed more than their single player to be released five times, so why would Starfield buck that trend?
Blizzard to release new ‘Diablo Immortal’ content every two weeks - NME
Sharing the news in a blog post, Blizzard wrote: “Our current plan is to release new content for Diablo Immortal every two weeks—this will come in the form of either a mini or major update.” Mini updates will include Battle Pass seasons, in-game events and feature updates while major updates will introduce new gameplay features, free storyline expansions and in-game events.


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Mortismal Gaming Disco Elysium - Review After 100%

Talking about the very interesting title that is Disco Elysium after a very thorough look at the title!
The Ascent Announces New Cyber-Heist DLC Coming August 18th

In Cyber Heist, Kira, her former employer, has a top-secret new job, and as a new independent contractor, how could she refuse? Venture out of her familiar arcology to a new arcology owned by the Malhorst-Gelb Group. There's some groundbreaking new technology ready for the taking, but you're not the only one with your sights set on the prize.
Hogwarts Legacy New Images and Cinematic Video Surfaces - MP1st
The Autodesk Vision Series event officially kicked off today, featuring talks from studios like Playground Games (Forza Horizon 5,) Warner Bros Games Avalanche (Hogwarts Legacy,) and many more! While not the biggest gaming event out there, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy made a bit of a bigger appearance than many had thought, as a new cinematic video was shown off along with some images, and other tidbits of info.


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Tactics Ogre: Reborn Announced, Releasing in November - RPGFan

Square Enix has officially announced Tactics Ogre: Reborn. The game is a new remake of tactical RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. It is planned to release worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2022. The game will be available digitally on all platforms, with the console versions also receiving a physical release. Those interested can also pre-order a special tarot card set — otherwise only available with the Japanese Collector’s Edition — from Square Enix’s online store.
Koch Media Becomes PLAION - BlueNews
Our new name offers us the opportunity to build on our rich history as a publishing partner and our outstanding, constantly growing network of world-class development studios and creative people, to keep delivering premium service to our partners, to highlight our ambition as a global player within the entertainment industry but also to reinvent ourselves. Our vision is to enable and inspire our worldwide teams and partners, unlocking their full potential.
Celebrate exciting RPGs and Icewind Dale's 22nd anniversary - GOG
22 years ago, we set off on an unforgettable journey across the snowy heights of the Frozen North. Do you remember the sense of excitement and adventure you felt back then? Now it’s time to relive this wonderful feeling with both classic and new RPGs to tackle.

First off, we welcome a new great role-playing game Vanaris Tactics (-10%) in our store. Next, be sure to check our special Celebrate RPGs sale that includes outstanding titles with discounts reaching even 90%:

· Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (-85%)
· Gohic (-75%)
· Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition (-70%)
· Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Imperial Edition Bundle (-66%)
· Solasta: Crown of the Magister (-60%)

You can also check the article about the cult Icewind Dale game on our blog and take a personality test which will show which RPG class is best for you.
Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra Character Balance Development Manifesto
Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra contains a number of balance changes. Ahead of the official announcement livestream next week, we have prepared a preview of our planned character balance changes and our thoughts behind them so that you'll have plenty of time to think about them and provide feedback before the expansion launches. These are not the full patch notes — they only contain direct changes to character balance and are still subject to change.
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader - How to: Warp Travel
Known also as the Empyrean, the Immaterium, the Sea of Souls and by many other ominous titles, warp is a place where every thought, dream, emotion, ambition and fear of the galaxy's sentient races coalesces and finds physical manifestation. Its true form would drive even the most formidable mortal mind to madness. Thus it is most often envisioned as an endless ocean of roiling power whose kaleidoscopic currents are ever in motion. By piercing the veil separating reality from warp space, Humanity tapped into that endless ocean. By plunging into the currents of the warp, spacecraft could cross incredible interstellar distances in a fraction of the time they would otherwise have taken. It was Humanity's gateway into the stars. Yet the immaterium is as perilous as it is powerful. Like any great ocean, the sea of souls knows ferocious tempests and violent storms that can devour unwary craft or spill into reality to ravage entire systems with plagues of rampant mutation and nightmarish phenomena.
More Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II Character Images Released - RPGFan
Nihon Falcom provided more screenshots and character art for The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II -Crimson Sin-. The images highlight more characters, most of whom return from the previous title, appearing in the game, with this batch featuring Rene Kincaid, Zin Vathek, Ellroy Harwood, Walter Kron, Lucrezia Isselee, Cao Lee, Gien Lu, Gaurun, and Ashen Lu.


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Oh? Did you try RogueTech? If yes, how would you rate it compared to that one?
I felt like Roguetech, when I tried it took things too far. It is great if you want that much going on but it felt too much.

They're both really good in my opinion, but BTA was more fun for me.

Note that I haven't played in over a year and I believe they've added tons to BTA too now.
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Mortismal Gaming Hard West 2 - First Impressions

Talking about my initial impressions with the launch version of Hard West 2, some technical problems aside, mostly an enjoyable time.
Hard West 2 - Exclusive: 9 Minutes of Developer-Led Gameplay

Check out nine minutes of exclusive Hard West 2 gameplay. Join Hard West 2's executive producer Randy Greenback as he walks us through the 'A Plague Upon This Land' mission, which appears later into the game's campaign. See how the Bravado system, combat, special skills, and more work in the new tactical turn-based strategy game.
Hard West 2 Review Roundup

IGN - 7/10
GameSpot - 8/10
WCCFTech - 7.7/10
NME - 4/5
GodisaGeek - 8.5/10


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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero History: Captain Marvel

An ace pilot turned Kree warrior, Carol Danvers is no stranger to threats beyond our stars. Retrace Captain Marvel’s interstellar journey with Comicstorian before she takes off with the Midnight Suns on October 7.

Auto Fire Gameplay August 2022

Visual improvements, UI changes, and the inclusion of consumable gear, which lets you spot-fix specific holes in the side of your car. Is the front of your car getting shot up or do you like to do drive-bys and expose your left side?
Esoteric Ebb is a new 5e isometric Disco-like CRPG - Steam

Esoteric Ebb is a 5e isometric Disco-like CRPG in which you unravel a political conspiracy in a unique post-arcanapunk fantasy setting. Inspired by classics like Planescape Torment & Baldur's Gate, it features colorful and really weird characters you get to interact with through deep and branching dialogs.


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'Discworld' Creator Terry Pratchett Was An 'Oblivion' Modder - Cracked
Most know the late great Terry Pratchett for Discworld, a series of novels so riotous that they escaped the confines of their paper prison to spawn an equally hilarious series of video games. What most don't know, however, is that Pratchett's branching out into the video game landscape didn't come for monetary reasons, but out of love for video games. His video game path is also very interesting, as this man made the first two Discworld games, then went darker with Discworld Noir, and then treaded the unexpected path of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion modding.
A closer look at Tactics Ogre: Reborn - Square Enix
Some of you will be already aware of Tactics Ogre - and are eager to learn what’s new in this edition of the game. But first, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this genuine classic, we should start with a little history lesson…
Diablo 4 Leaks have started in Record Time - Gameradar
Be wary, as the internet is dark and full of spoilers. That's often been the case in the previous weeks, though this time it relates to Diablo 4 leaks.

As if magically summoned by reports that a Diablo 4 alpha playtest is running for family and friends of Blizzard, various images and titbits of information are making their way online.

We'll discuss some of them in this article, so you might want to skip to the end if you want to go into the game without knowing anything. That aside, take this as a general public service announcement that spoilers are out there, so keep your head on a swivel.
The Forgotten PS2 RPG That Was The First Of Its Kind - Dualshockers
It’s the year 2000, the Millennium Bug hasn’t brought down western civilisation, and Sony has just released what would become its best-selling console of all time, the Playstation 2. Having made the friendship-ending jump from N64 to PS1 in the previous generation, I was all aboard the Sony console hype train (even if my little teenage mind couldn’t grasp the meaning of those David Lynch PS2 adverts), and ready to lap up whatever selection of middling launch titles would be available for it.


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A Fallout Remaster Should Fill the Gap Between Fallout 4 and 5 - Gamerant
Fallout 5 is still a ways off and the wait seems endless, but if Bethesda offered a remaster of an older Fallout then the wait wouldn't be as bad.
Starfield Gameplay Trailer hints at Survival System - PCGamesN
The Starfield gameplay trailer suggests that Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG could feature a survival system and survival game aspects, similar to Fallout.


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Mortismal Gaming Five Of My Favorite Narrative Games

Talking about some of my favorites from the curious genre that is narrative games, in no particular order!
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Gameplay Showcase

Few forces in the galaxy can stack up to Captain Marvel’s power. Check out her arsenal of abilities and how to use them in our gameplay showcase, featuring 2K NextMaker and strategy gamer extraordinaire, Christopher Odd.
Sandwalkers Roguelike TB Exploration game set in Fantasy Africa - Steam

Sandwalkers is a roguelike turn-based exploration game. Build your team, traverse varied hostile environments, face countless dangers, and gain knowledge that will help you find and resurrect the Mother Tree Umama.


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Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Remastered 2.0 - Moddb

Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Remastered 2.0 features JKGXMOD v0.3.0 beta, Mysteries of the Sith Neural Upscale Texture Pack, Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack and Enhancement Mod for JkGfxMod (MotS Edition) 0.40.
Tower of Fantasy Shared Open-World Trailer

Throughout your travels on planet Aida, you will be able to meet and fight alongside (or against) real players!
Dragon Age: Origins Made Me Rethink My Stance On Remakes - TheGamer
I never thought I’d take this position on remakes, but I’d kill for a modernised Origins. Hell, I’d kill for a version of Origins that measures my gameplay timer correctly and supports cross-save with PC so I can continue my playthrough on my Steam Deck. It seems weird that BioWare would remake one of its two main series and not the other, so surely it’s just a matter of time until my wishes are fulfilled?
Tactics Ogre Fans Unhappy With The New Remake's Price - TheGamer
Tactics Ogre: Reborn was announced yesterday after a leak already warned us of its impending arrival and November 11 release date. Like many of Square Enix’s remakes, the game features updated graphics, voice work, a re-recorded soundtrack with an actual orchestra, UI improvements, and quality of life changes that make this the best version of the game ever made.

However, fans are taking offense at Square Enix’s $50 USD price (£44.99 in the UK), especially considering Tactics Ogre is a remake of a game that was already remade in 2010 for the PSP. The original game came out in 1995 for the SNES, and the upcoming remake is based on the PSP version.


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Mortismal Gaming Five Of My Favorite Stories In Gaming

Talking about a few games with some of my favorite stories!
Stoneshard Forgotten Lore Update Now Live Steam
IMPORTANT: this is a major update that includes changes to the global map generation, so it requires you to start a new game. If you want to continue your old playthrough, it can be done by rolling back to the previous version in the game’s Steam options.
Darkest Dungeon II Oblivion's Ingress Update Live - Red Hook Studios
The Loathing Festers! New avatars of the Loathing demand your supplication! Join the denizens of this crumbling world and worship the yawning void. Hear the demoniac piping of the Herald, prostrate yourself before the Altar, but gaze not upon the high Exemplar, for you are not worthy of such honors.
SKALD: Against the Black Priory Summer 2022 Update
As you know, we’re working on an updated demo for testing and promotional purposes. We were originally planning to enter it in an event in late June. However we elected to go for a different venue and now we’re aiming for late September. HOWEVER, the community will be getting builds in late August for testing so stay posted for more info!
Strangers of Paradise's DLC a lesson for how not to design DLC - RPGSite
How do you design a DLC for a game? With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, it feels like that should have been an easy task; some additional story, some new levels inspired by other Final Fantasy games of the past (perhaps some spinoffs, this time around?) alongside a few new boss fights, and a new class or two. On paper, DLC #1 for the game – Trials of the Dragon King – delivers on these ideas, which is why it’s so astonishing how off the mark the whole experience feels, actually playing through it.


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Shamus Young Deus Ex Pitch Post-Mortem Articles

Deus Ex Pitch Part 1: Introduction
This series is going to be a little weird, and I don’t know how well it’ll go over. I was having a terrible time getting back to work after the recent troubles, and I was looking for a nice softball project to ease myself back into it. So I’m going to pitch a Deus Ex game. I’ve been thinking about the game a lot over the past few weeks thanks to this video, and I guess this is my way of coping with the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a new entry on the horizon.
Deus Ex Pitch Part 2: New Game
Before we get started, there’s one last detail I need to cover. I’m going to be re-using names from the previous games. I’m only doing this for the ease of reading. I’m not actually suggesting that every single character in my story would be a repurposed character from the earlier games.

The problem we have is that this series is fairly light on details. We don’t have faces, voices, costumes, musical cues, and character designs to make all of these people memorable. I’m going to be dumping a lot of names on you, and it’s going to be easy to get confused.
Deus Ex Pitch Part 3: Housekeeping
The helidrone drops off Troy Denton on the Miami coast. We’re at a hotel, looking for the would-be assassin Leo Gold. It’s sundown.

It’s finally time to play a proper Deus Ex level, with an open design, multiple routes, and affordances for combat, stealth, hacking, and social interactions.

Actually, let me back up and take care of something from the previous entry.
Deus Ex Pitch Part 4: Morpheus Protocol
Back at the white house, Troy meets with Alex face-to-face. This next part is like your visits to Seraph Industries in Deus Ex Human Revolution. The player isn’t allowed to pull out their weapons[1] or do any other shenanigans that would break the story. I know these games pride themselves on player agency and freedom, but I think most players are okay with not being allowed to pointlessly fire their weapons or toss inventory items around for no reason while visiting the White House.