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28 years later, the most subversive RPG feels more relevant - Inverse
Games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII have left a lasting mark on the game industry, but other RPGs have a more understated influence. Live A Live is a brilliant RPG that simply didn’t get the recognition it deserved in 1994, mainly because it never received a North American localization. But all these years later, Square Enix’s HD-2D remake finally brings the game into the limelight. Perhaps what’s most remarkable about Live A Live, however, is that it feels just as unique and subversive as ever, even by 2022’s standards.
Find out more about Redfall at QuakeCon - Eurogamer
Bethesda has confirmed that Arkane's new vampire game, Redfall, will get a 30-minute slot at its upcoming QuakeCon event. QuakeCon itself is set to kick off at 6pm UK time on 18th August, whilst the Redfall-flavoured reveal will run for 30 minutes from 6.15pm and "takes you inside [Arkane's] upcoming squad-based vampire shooter with new insights, gameplay details and more.
Warcraft adventure game can now be played the way it was meant to - PCGamer
Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was a point-and-click adventure game cancelled by Blizzard in 1998, and how time flies. The game was lost for most of its history, only existing in a few old screenshots and videos that floated around the internet, but in 2016 the full game suddenly appeared as a download (opens in new tab). It was playable, near-complete including cinematics and voice acting, and the individual who leaked it said: "This is my gift for all Blizzard fans, old and new."
Are video games really more expensive? - Gamesindustry
In general, we like to think we know how much something is worth. The decision is based less on logic and more on emotion, an intangible gut feeling. When it comes to video games we know when a game is under, or in most cases, over-priced. Unfortunately, that aptness in designating price to value is disrupted by inflation.
Insider: Deus Ex series will get a long-awaited sequel - Gagadget
A few months ago Square Enix publishing house decided to sell some of its Western studios, among which was Eidos Montreal - the creator of modern Deus Ex parts and the co-author of the latest Tomb Raider trilogy.

The new owner of the Canadian studio became the Swedish holding company Embracer Group. Immediately after the deal was announced, it was suggested that this move will allow the developers to return to the Deus Ex series, loved by millions of gamers. And it seems that this theory is not far from the truth.

The GamesRadar website published insider information from Jeff Grubb. He reported that Eidos Montreal is indeed planning to continue the Deus Ex franchise. In this case, game designers aim to create a high-class game, which will not repeat the mistakes similar in concept project Cyberpunk 2077 from the Polish studio CD Projekt RED.

Jeff Grubb didn't specify whether the protagonist of the last two parts, Adam Jensen, will be the main character, or gamers expect another character. However, the game itself is in such an early stage of development that it is too early to talk about the details of its plot.
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The First Descendant a new ARPG shooter powered by Unreal 5 - Steam

The First Descendant is a third-person cooperative action RPG shooter in which you can play as Descendants who inherited the unknown powers and make them stronger to fight against the invaders and protect humans.
Matt Chat Evan Robinson Video Interview

This video features an interview with the great Evan Robinson of TSR and EA fame. Prepare for untold stories, sage advice, prescient prognostications, moving memories, and an all-round fun chat with a spectacular guest.
Dungeons of the Amber Griffin - Trees and Weather System

We invite you to watch the movie from the Unreal Engine 4 editor. We test new trees and they look beautiful. The fps dropped a bit, but not everyone has to play on the ultra graphics settings in 4k: P We don't have a wind system yet, but we will understand it :) What do you think about these trees?
MythForce Summer Stability Update Live - Beamdog
Good morning, friends! This is Project Director Luke again, with patch notes for our update. We hope you’re enjoying all the new toys from our last update, and there’s a whole slew of exciting things coming soon. Before we roll those out, though, we’re doing a little housekeeping, cleaning up some bugs both old and new, and getting the game ready for our next push.
Fans unhappy with the Tactics Ogre: Reborn Remaster - Eurogamer
Considering this is a remaster of a PSP game from 2010, itself a remake of the 1995 SNES game, fans believe the game is far overpriced. Yet Square Enix has been setting its prices high across the board as of late. When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released on PC it was priced at £65; Forspoken was up for pre-order at £65 on Steam; and the Kingdom Hearts series on Switch was £80, despite being cloud-based. By comparison, £45 is proportionately lower but is still a considerable sum for a remastered title likely aimed at a nostalgic older audience. We're also yet to see the price of the forthcoming remaster Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.
A Closer Look at Hammerfell, The Possible Elder Scrolls 6 Setting - Dualshockers
We don’t know much about the Elder Scrolls 6, with Bethesda keeping a tight lid on information surrounding the game ever since they showed us that teaser a few years ago (as well as that blatant Easter Egg in the Starfield reveal). With that said, the scant details that have trickled through to us suggest quite strongly that the game will take place in High Rock, a region that we’ve already looked at in detail.


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Mortismal Gaming Check Out: Sovereign Syndicate - Exclusive Demo Preview

Talking a bit about Sovereign Syndicate after getting early access to the upcoming Demo that will be available publicly following Gamescom 2022!
Neverlooted Dungeon - Trailer - Dungeon Crawler Immersive Sim

Neverlooted Dungeon is a modern first-person dungeon crawler immersive sim, taking its roots in games like Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, but also in D&D role playing game. It uniquely focuses on treacherous deadly traps, physics-based obstacles, and great freedom of action.
The Accursed Crown of the Giant King a new RTwP Episodic RPG -Steam

Epic, classic-style fantasy role-playing game. Single player, party based, featuring real-tie with pause gameplay. Combines open-ended exploration with an overall quest.Deep, complex role-playing system, with many skills, powers, spells, and items.
How Larian and Slitherine adapted Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer
When it came to adapting gameplay, Pechenin dives deep into development, detailing his team’s role on Baldur’s Gate 3. "What systems design means for us at Larian is working out the rules, the mechanics of the game, realising the classes, all the players options, loot, anything with numbers really, and then assisting all of the other teams looking to make a systemic feature that pops up throughout the whole game," he says. "It’s a big role but with everything moving ahead, the team initially believed 'oh, our job is done, right? The books are out, we know D&D rules quite well because we played it before, some of us DM’d it. How hard could it be, right? Just take the book the book, make the machine do what it says in the book, and you’re done, right?'"
Sovereign Syndicate Casts its Eye on gamescom 2022
August 8th, 2022 - Edmonton, Canada - Crimson Herring Studios is gearing up to take their Steampunk Tarot RPG, Sovereign Syndicate, to gamescom later this month where they will be debuting a brand new demo for the game. While there's been a publicly available playtest on Steam for the game for some time now, this demo will show off all the progress that's been made over the last few months thanks to feedback from the Sovereign Syndicate community.

In just a couple of weeks players will be able to grab the demo and sink into Sovereign Syndicate's complex narrative take on a Steampunk Victorian London, laden with mythological creatures and guided by the tarot.


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Broken Roads What a difference 3 years makes?
Slaves of Magic Demo Release Date Announcement - Steam
We are happy to announce that our new demo for Slaves of Magic will be released on September 22, and will be part of the Steam Tacticon festival!
Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms - Update Philosophy
As you know, we are super fast with bug fixing and this is the most important thing we've considered when we started thinking about the long term plans for the game. We've released 10+ patches so far and i think nobody in the world can say a thing about our availability here or on our social, trying to solve as much problems as possible when they pop-up. We are proud of the work done, and we would say that we've always pushed the EA launch as something different from the usual EA launches. We don't have a vertical slice of the product to iterate, we have a fully playable product that needs to be iterated, polished and balanced to became what we had in mind since the very beginning.
Blizzard Looking to Follow Up Diablo Immortal with Mobile Warcraft Game
Blizzard posts a new job listing that includes a reference to an unannounced live-service Warcraft game, possibly along the lines of Diablo Immortal.
"Epic has been great for many indies", says X-COM and Phoenix Point Creator
Epic's strategy of timed exclusives helped make it an established source of videogame deals, but not without inspiring quite a bit of vitriol—some from folk with understandable grievances, but a lot of it from Steam stans. This vitriol often gets directed towards the developers who accept these deals, too, as it did when Phoenix Point studio Snapshot Games teamed up with the store. This has not, however, soured CEO and X-COM creator Julian Gollop on the strategy.


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I'm not sure where to post this - so hope you don't mind @Couchpotato

AppLovin, which makes software for advertising in mobile apps, offered to buy Unity, another software-maker which mainly makes tools for designing games, for $17.5bn. Unity’s stock, which has plunged in recent months, jumped on the news; AppLovin’s stock, meanwhile, fell more than 10%.


I'm not sure where to post this - so hope you don't mind @Couchpotato

I only see a cut heading on the war in Ukraine, it seems to be a paying site. 😕

From your post it looks like it's more bad news about Unity; I'm not surprised after what I posted not long ago about their merging with IronSource and the bad financial results. I wouldn't be sorry to see Unity focus on another platform, they don't do such a good job on PC.


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I only see a cut heading on the war in Ukraine, it seems to be a paying site. 😕

From your post it looks like it's more bad news about Unity; I'm not surprised after what I posted not long ago about their merging with IronSource and the bad financial results. I wouldn't be sorry to see Unity focus on another platform, they don't do such a good job on PC.
Yeah it's paying site. I have a subscription so you may not be able to read everything.

I quoted the relevant part though.

Why aren't they doing well on pc?


Why aren't they doing well on pc?
That's a potentially long discussion, but in short, probably because it's based on C# which is easy to abuse and misuse, then it suffers from poor garbage collection on top of it. Place that in the hands of new devs and it makes for a poor result.

Many games are slower because of that, typically when handling many items or when loading new areas. Kingmaker is a good example: it would take ages to load an area, then it would freeze after a while when leaving that area, when it shows the list of persistent loot that accumulated over time.

It's also overstressing many recent GPUs but I don't know why. I think light effects are badly optimized by Unity, but it varies so wildly between the GPUs that devs don't always realize it (and when they do, they can't do much about it).


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I always had problems with Unity games but I'm starting to realize it might have to do more with bad coding on the developers side. Doesn't help the Unity CEO is John Riccitiello.
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Mortismal Gaming The Age of Decadence - First Impressions

Talking about my initial experiences with The Age of Decadence as I move to review the title!
Drova Forsaken Kin developed by J2D Interactive
Elden Ring Update 1.06 Released - DSO
FromSoftware has released a brand new update for Elden Ring. According to the release notes, Update 1.06 brings numerous balance tweaks and bug fixes. Moreover, it adds two new functions, as well as a new way to advance White Mask Varre’s questline.
Race To The Bottom is a fully voiced DLC-sized Mod for Fallout New Vegas

Race To The Bottom is a medium sized quest mod around the same size as the Automatron DLC from Fallout 4. The Freeside Coop has been robbed by unknown assailants and Ella Hawthorne is in need of a mercenary to track down the culprits. The journey will offer you multiple ways to solve each problem with an emphasis on roleplaying. I've tried to match Obsidian's design philosophy the best I can.

Featuring 1000+ fully voiced lines of dialogue, roleplay to your heart's content. I'd like to thank the wonderful voice actors who collaborated with me for all their hard work!
  • 1h 30m - 2h of gameplay
  • Multiple ways of solving each objective, allowing a decent amount of replayability
  • A new faction to interact with
  • Fully voiced quest with several new characters
  • New large dungeon to explore
  • Roleplay/Dialogue focused gameplay
  • No "Essential" NPCs
  • No Kill Run Possible


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The Stanley Parable and the Illusion of Choice - Part 1

In part 1 of a trilogy of videos on the illusion of choice in games, JM8 delves into the manipulative designs of The Stanley Parable and why its release angered a lot of developers.
Disco Elysium and the Illusion of Choice - Part 2

In part 2 of a trilogy of videos on the illusion of choice in games, JM8 delves into the divergent designs of Disco Elysium and how it tricks its players.
Immersive Sims and The Illusion of Choice - Part 3

In part 3 of a trilogy of videos on the illusion of choice in games, JM8 delves into the emotional decision making of Immersive Sims.


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Turn-based RPG Sunday Gold Releases on September 13th - Steam

Sunday Gold is a point-and-click, turn-based adventure game set in grim, dystopian future. Play as a ragtag trio of criminals to hunt down and expose the dark secrets of an evil mega-corporation and the malevolent billionaire behind it.
The Escapist Tyrant's Blessing Review in 3 Minutes

Elise Avery reviews Tyrant's Blessing, developed by Mercury Game Studio.
Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak Free Title Update 1 Available - Steam

Today we presented our latest Sunbreak Digital Event, hosted by Monster Hunter Series Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Sunbreak Game Director Yoshitake Suzuki, that delved into the exciting new endgame content coming as part of the free Title Update 1!

The best bit? Title Update 1 will be available on Steam from August 10th! That’s right, you’ll be able to dive into all this new content from tomorrow (or right now if you’re reading this after the date)!

For those that didn’t catch the Digital Event live, we thought we’d share an overview of what was discussed, as well as the new update trailer. If you’d like to watch the Digital Event in full, which sits at a little over 15 minutes, we’ll share a link at the end of the post.
Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent Developer Interview - RPGFan
It’s been just over four years since its initial release, and now we finally have a second entry in the Octopath franchise. Champions of the Continent is an all-new mobile title, and while mobile games may make some of our readers flinch, the development team have a very honest vision for their game. We have had the pleasure of speaking with Champions of the Continent‘s Global Producer, Hirohito Suzuki, who has kindly provided us with an in-depth look at the game’s development process. Begin!
Square Enix Reveals New Harvestella Details - RPGFan
Square Enix has revealed new details on their upcoming life simulation/farming/action RPG Harvestella, which releases later this year on November 4th! The company has already given us an in-depth look at the title’s farming, crafting, socializing, and combat, but has now decided to showcase one of its key towns, residents, crops, and more.


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Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 Releases Next Month - Steam

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is the continuation of the first action RPG with rogue-like elements based on the Lovecraft Mythos ever released. Brand new graphics, a new and complex crafting system to create your equipment, 6 playable characters, and lots and lots of incredibly challenging content!
Path of Exile Expansion Next Week - Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra will explore the namesake of the famous Mirror of Kalandra, giving players a taste of Kalandra's power. The August expansion contains the Kalandra challenge league, new content in the Atlas endgame, four new gems, 14 new unique items, 100+ buffed existing uniques, revamps to Harvest, Beyond and Archnemesis, a variety of balance changes and much more!
Mortismal Gaming Wigmund: Patch 1.1 Update

Talking about a substantial update to Wigmund, adding archery and talent trees, following my initial review!


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Star Ocean: The Divine Force Elena and Albaird Bergholm Character Trailers

This character trailer focuses on Albaird Bergholm. Albaird is a knight who serves his childhood friend Laeticia. He excels at semiomancy and the wielding of chakram.
This character trailer focuses on Elena. Elena is a crew member of the transport ship Ydas and Raymond's adjutant.
Nightingale Delayed to first half of 2023

Owlcat Games Exploring the Frontier Tweet

Genshin Impact cost of Development was Expensive - PCGamesn
Genshin Impact cost of development is (almost) the most Genshin Impact had an initial budget of around $100 million USD, which already put it on a list of the most expensive games ever made. Constantly creating new content and making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible isn’t cheap, especially when new version updates arrive nearly every six weeks. The president of HoYoverse, Cai Haoyu, stated in a 2021 presentation that Genshin Impact costs $200 million USD annually for its development as a live-service game, twice the initial budget needed to bring it to life. ever
Metal Slug Tactics gets its release pushed back to 2023 - RPGSite
Publisher Dotemu and developer Leikir Studio have delayed the release of Metal Slug Tactics to some time in 2023. It was originally slated to release in 2022 after its reveal in the Nintendo Indie World Showcase event in August 2021. After a long period of silence, Metal Slug Tactics will be missing this year unfortunately. The announcement was shared in a post by the Dotemu Twitter account with new artwork by @AngryangryD.


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Stop Pretending Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Games Are Innovative

This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee dives into the choose-your-own-adventure genre and why it's not as innovative as developers think it is.
This Is The Fable Prequel We Never Got

Did you know that #Fable Legends was going to be a prequel to the Fable series, before the Fable Reboot was a thing? If the answer is no, you need to watch this. Zoe Delahunty-Light dives into the story and world created for the beleaguered Fable Legends and how it could make a return in Fable 4, and there are details hiding in Legends that shows it could have returned the series to the setting people truly wanted.
EverQuest II Myths and Monoliths Update Now Live - Daybreak

We are excited to announce that Myths and Monoliths is now live! Some of you who tested the Game Update on Beta already know what’s coming. For everyone else, here’s what you can look forward to.
The Last Oricru a Branching-Story Co-op Action RPG Interview - EscapistMagazine
Head over to the GoldKnights website and you’ll find its motto: “Better fantastic and few than mediocre and many.” It’s a statement that highlights the relatively small team’s ambitious goals, and it’s a saying that has propelled them through the development of their upcoming story-driven action RPG, The Last Oricru. This new IP is set in an original fantasy, sci-fi universe that puts quality over quantity, but it’s also laying the groundwork for GoldKnights to continue making games for die-hard RPG fans. After spending some time with The Last Oricru at PAX East 2022, we had the opportunity to interview GoldKnights executive producer Vladimír Geršl to talk about classic RPGs, influences, story-driven game development, Gamescom, and more.


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Mortismal Gaming Five Game Features I Am Indifferent About

Talking about a few of the features in games used as selling points that I'm pretty neutral about.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shattering Spectreglass DLC Released

Shattering Spectreglass is here with a myriad of exciting arrivals to the Wonderlands! Here's what you can expect.
Archmage Rises Weekly Update City Building and Spellcasting on Cities

An open world RPG pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a game. By skipping the whole "run around in 3D" thing, we can instead focus on a deeply simulated world, emergent storylines, and player freedom.
First-Person Action RPG Raidborn Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Raidborn is a first-person fantasy action RPG featuring highly detailed procedurally generated dungeons and quests. Plunder a treasure-strewn world, upgrade your gear, level up your skills, and hurl yourself into intense unrelenting combat.


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Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed until February 2023
Hard West II - Beta Branch Now Open - Steam
Hopefully, you enjoyed our last update; THANK YOU AGAIN! We wanted to follow up as some players reported issues of longer loading times. For some, this simply caused extended loading times; for others crashes or incrementally increasing load times as you play longer in Hard West 2. We know this is impacting your gameplay experience and we want to address it as soon as humanly possible.
Unity signs contract to help U.S. government - Game Developer
Unity has signed a lucrative contract with enterprise technology firm CACI that will see it become the "preferred real-time 3D platform" for future systems design and simulation programs across the U.S. government.
Dragon's Dogma Hiroyuki Kobayashi left Capcom - RPGSite
Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the producer of Dragon's Dogma, announced that he had left Capcom at the end of March 2022 and moved to NetEase Games. He made the announcement on his 50th birthday on his personal Twitter account.
Genshin Impact Leaks Suggest Next Three Updates Will Be Shorter - Gamerant
According to a credible leaker named Uncle Chasm, the three upcoming Genshin Impact updates will apparently be shortened by one week. This could be HoYoverse's way to compensate for the three-week delay that occurred during Version 2.6. Having the upcoming update 3.0 one week shorter will also allow 3.1 to arrive right on time for the game's second anniversary. Every other update after 3.2 will most likely go back to the usual six-week duration, three weeks for each banner cycle.


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So You Want To Play Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous (New Player's Guide)

Going over some of the essentials you should know about the game that will help you get through!
Roguelite Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse announced for PC

This brutal, obscure and punishing action-adventure roguelite is set in a shady and beset post-apocalyptic world. Play relentless isometric close quarter battles with an art style reminiscent of the 1980s dark age of adult superhero graphic novels.
Dark Souls-inspired game, Project Relic New Game-play Trailer

Project Cloud Games has released a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming Dark Souls-inspired game, Project Relic. This new trailer will give you an idea of how the game looks and plays in its current latest beta version.


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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hero Spotlight - Meet Wolverine

He tackled his demons, now he’s tackling ours! Wolverine is always up for a challenge.
Marvel’s Midnight Suns - Hero History: Wolverine

Wolverine's past is...complicated. Luckily, Comicstorian's got you covered.
Fallout 76 - QuakeCon 2022, Meat Week & More - Bethesda
Next week, we’re kicking off QuakeCon 2022, and Fallout 76 is once again joining our programming lineup with a live Developer Q&A. That same day, Grahm and Chally will be headed to the Forest to host a double helping of Meat Week. Read on to catch all those details, as well as information on Double S.C.O.R.E. and Gold Rush events taking place this weekend.
Gamescom 2022 schedule: all the shows and reveals you can watch - PCGamer
Gamescom is back on in Cologne this year, but you can still catch a lot of reveals from home if you follow along with our watch schedule.