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Get STASIS for Free on GOG
STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. STASIS intertwines a gruesome narrative with retro adventure gameplay. Combine items, interact with computers and solve puzzles while experiencing the gritty atmosphere.
Yakuza creator Nagoshi says his next game will be ‘violent and silly’ - VGC
Speaking to German publication 4Players, the former Sega veteran suggested that he didn’t want to stray too far from the formula that made the Yakuza games such a success: drama, violence and humour.

“Of course, I can’t reveal too much about our game yet, but I can give a rough idea: It will definitely contain violence as a game element, but I don’t want to go too much in the direction of thriller or even horror,” he said.
Path of Exile - What Were Working On?
Over the weekend, we launched Path of Exile: Lake of Kalandra. The deployment was very smooth with no major technical issues and only some minor hotfixing required over the weekend. We reached a peak of 250k concurrent players. Today we have been processing feedback from the first two days of the league, and have a number of balance and content adjustments we plan to make to address much of this feedback. This post describes our current plan.
Star Traders: Frontiers - Update #300: Screaming out the Hangar Bay
Update #300 launches some exciting changes to the carrier meta right out of the hangar bay at screaming high speeds. Your Captain can now train to pilot an Interdictor, Shuttle or Bomber and lead your wing squadron against the enemy. it's rich territory for the recent Top Gun Community Challenge and a new and fun way to enjoy your carrier with even more on the line than ever before.

The update has also added new artwork for the worlds of the void, improved hovers and fixed bugs thanks to community input. Thanks to every captain for playing, posting reviews and telling a friend!
Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms - Strongholds Update Live
Hello Champions! Sunday is not the best day to deliver a massive update, said the PR experts, but hey, we were aiming to deliver strongholds before leaving for GamesCom and we did it!

This is the first part of a major update which is super important considering the long term and the whole process in terms of balancing and polishing. This patch includes changes to the global economy sys and some other adds and fixes but doesn't require to start a new game!


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Kalypso Media announces Dungeons 4 will be at Gamescom

Dungeons 4 will emerge from the darkness in 2023 when the title will be available with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC and will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switcth.
The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths DLC Now Live

This new DLC game pack introduces two dungeons to challenge four-player PvE groups, Graven Deep and Earthen Root Enclave, and expands upon the ongoing Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure.
KOTOR Reportedly Has a New Developer - Resetera
The highly anticipated remake of the video game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic has a new developer after a bumpy ride.

The project, formerly in development at Austin, Texas-based Aspyr Media, is now being led by one of Saber Interactive's Eastern European studios, according to a person familiar with the change who asked not to be identified because the details are private. Both developers are owned by the Swedish company Embracer Group AB, which obliquely referenced the pivot in a public statement last week. A representative for Embracer didn't immediately have a comment.
Embracer said it is not "expecting any material delays" due to the transition. But the game, announced during a PlayStation event last year, does not have a public release date and will likely take at least two more years to finish, people familiar with development said. Embracer's stock tumbled on Monday after lukewarm reviews of an upcoming game, Saints Row, and is down 28% this year.
Still, some close to the project said they are optimistic this will lead to a better product. Decision makers at Embracer and at publishers Sony Group Corp. and Walt Disney Co., both of whom have financial interests in the game, were displeased with progress under Aspyr, which ultimately led to the transition.
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Five Games Still Releasing In 2022 (That I'm Looking Forward To)

Talking about a few games that are, at least for now, still releasing in 2022 in the last few months of the year!
The Redesign That Saved Deathloop

Before Deathloop was released to critical acclaim, early playtesters found the game so incomprehensible that it required a redesign in order to save the game from utter disaster.
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Release Date Announcement Trailer

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will be available on Windows PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles on October 25th, 2022. Pre-orders begin on August 23rd at 4 pm UTC!
Dune Awakening open world MMO RPG announced at Gamescom

Rise from survival to dominance in Dune: Awakening, an Open World Survival MMO set on Arrakis.
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Matt Chat 492: Interview with Encased Developer Slava

This is an interview with Slava, the designer of Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG. Slava is a straight-shooter who is quite frank about what he likes and doesn't shy away from criticism. There are great insights here for anyone thinking about making (or playing) indie CRPGs, crowdfunding strategies, and more.
Dead Island 2 World Premiere Gameplay Trailer

Watch the Dead Island 2 world premiere gameplay trailer from gamescom Opening Night LIVE 2022.
Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties DLC Makes You Fight in a Violent Tournament

We spoke to Dying Light 2's lead game designer to learn more about the game's upcoming story DLC, Bloody Ties, and how it'll throw players into a ruthlessly violent tournament.
What is Wyrdsong? The Upcoming RPG by Bethesda & Obsidian Veterans

As part of Opening Night Live at gamescom 2022, IGN’s Rebekah Valentine sat down with CEO and founder of Something Wicked Games, Jeff Gardiner to talk about their upcoming game, Wyrdsong— a historical fantasy RPG set in Portugal in the Middle Ages. Wyrdsong is the coming together of Bethesda and Obsidian veterans, and promises to deliver a compelling single player adventure of fantastical exploration.
Journey for the Crown Game Devlog 13 - More Updates

In this Indie Game Devlog video for Journey for the Crown I go over some new updates such as enemy stealth, font changes, quest old and new and also the addition of MediaWiki for data online so I can keep track of work and quests easier and also provide users with a rich and detailed database of information about the game.


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27 Minutes of Sovereign Syndicate PC Demo Gameplay

Set in a steampunk, fantasy version of Victorian-era London, you’ll assume the role of one of Sovereign Syndicate’s three protagonists. While the demo only offers us a brief moment with Atticus Daley, the full game will also feature the corsair, Clara Reed as well as Otto the Automaton.
Where Winds Meet Is Like Ghost of Tsushima in Medieval China

The reveal trailer for Where Winds Meet, a supernatural swordfighting action-adventure game from Everstone Studios set in medieval China.
Return to Monkey Island Releasing September 19th

Return to Monkey Island is an unexpected, thrilling return of series creator Ron Gilbert that continues the story of the legendary adventure games The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.
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Songs of Conquest Interview - VoxelSmash
Songs of Conquest is a 2022 turn-based strategy game, at the moment still in early access, in development by Gothenburg studio Lavapotion, published by Coffee Stain Publishing. It offers to the players an interesting mix of classic turn-based action and exploration, with some unique touches like songs written specifically for the game.

The game came out in early access on Steam in early 2022 and it has been racking up positive comments all around, both from players and the press. The inspirations seem to clearly be the early 90s turn-based games, but we were curious to ask the developers what else they were hoping to bring to the table.

For the Songs of Conquest interview, answering Voxel Smash’s questions will be Magnus Alm, Lavapotion’s CEO, and Carl Toftfelt, the game’s main designer. We thank both of them for their time.
Starfield gameplay trailer hints at sophisticated space piracy - PCGamesN
The Starfield gameplay trailer continues providing details on Bethesda’s space RPG, as the Fallout and Skyrim maker stays cagey about the Starifeld release date.
Preview: Sovereign Syndicate "Disco Syndicate" - GameLuster
While I’m normally a fan of demos, and especially well done demos, it almost feels like this one backfired. There’s not quite enough story to either satisfy as a brief experience or properly tease the full release. You’ll pick up items, some of which are useful, others seemingly useless, all of which have no good explanation about their utility or contextual hints about how they might be used. The actual structure and layout of the suit decks isn’t explained particularly well. Worse, there are situations where you’re already talented enough without drawing a card to pass the check, but you’re still forced to do so for some obscure reason. The constraints you run headfirst into are obvious and frustrating, which isn’t a good thing for a demo because you’ll have long since stopped being interested about overcoming them. One hopes that Sovereign Syndicate will be more enjoyable once the full game is released, but the demo does not exactly inspire confidence.
Looking Back On BioShock With Its Creator, Ken Levine - Dualshockers
One of the most important shooters of all time, BioShock, has turned 15. Playing it today, it doesn’t feel like a 15-year-old game, and I realise that’s in large part because so few games have attempted to really follow in its footsteps. It’s a predecessor to certain genres that would come later – like the ‘walking sim’ – and it was the first blockbuster game that showed the medium to be capable of seriously exploring some high-minded ideas, but that mix of emergent gameplay, eccentricity, and worldbuilding where you piece together the story of a fallen city through desecrated rooms, meticulously positioned corpses, and brilliantly delivered audio diaries hasn’t quite been repeated.


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Steelrising - Official Gameplay Trailer

Set in the backdrop of a burning Paris, France, Steelrising features third-person action combat in the vein of Nier or Dark Souls. Explore iconic locations such as the Louvre, the Bastille, and more as you fight your way across the desolate city.
Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes - Official Gameplay Trailer

From the creator of the classic JRPG series Suikoden comes Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, a new JRPG featuring a massive playable cast of over a hundred characters. A unique combat system joins a classic JRPG look and feel, and it aims to celebrate the past and present of the genre when it releases in 2023.
Dead Island 2’s Procedural Gore Tech Is Wild

We caught up with two of Dead Island 2's directors to discuss its brutal combat, impressive gore tech, and what we can expect to find in the zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles.
Pentiment: How Past Decisions Affect Future Crimes

Max Scoville sat down with Game Director Josh Sawyer, and Art Director, Hannah Kennedy about their upcoming video game, Pentiment— a historical mystery narrative-driven game that focuses on character development, heavily stylized art, and choice-driven storytelling in early 16th century Germany.
How A Plague Tales' Rat Swarm Was Created

A Plague Tale is nothing without its rats. But how did the team at Asobo go about creating their unique rat tech for Innocence, and how have they pushed it further in its sequel, Requiem?


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Hogwarts Legacy - Collector's Edition Unboxing

Join Avalanche Software’s Community Manager, Chandler Wood, as he unveils the Collector’s Edition of Hogwarts Legacy.
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Debuted on PC 10 Years Ago - Chit-Hot
Dark Souls originally launched on console in October 2011. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the PC version of Dark Souls took an excessively long time to arrive, debuting 10 years ago today. However, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition isn’t a simple case of the money men being in control. It’s a wonderful example of listening to the fans and giving them what they want. Hence the title also receiving an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release.
Talking to former Fallout 76 lead about their new studio and RPG Wyrdsong
Jeff Gardiner, a Bethesda veteran of 15 years and most recently the project lead on Fallout 76, has announced a new studio and open-world occult RPG with it.

The studio is Something Wicked Games and the project is Wyrdsong, pronounced "weirdsong", or at least that's how Gardiner pronounced it on a phone call to me. It's going to be set in Portugal around the forming of the Knights Templar.

Something Wicked was co-founded with Obsidian veteran Charles Staples in April this year, who led design on Outer Worlds. And the studio is funded by NetEase courtesy of a $13.2m "seed" investment, which means it's not all the money Something Wicked will need but a wadge to get going with.

The aim is to go pretty big, then - to do the sort of single-player, open-world RPG you'd expect from Gardiner's and Staples' backgrounds. It's a game Gardiner says will have around 70 people working on it, once they staff up from 13, and is still years away - there's no date attached to it nor do they want to put one on.
Dark Envoy: Lore Update - Steam
The conflict between the League and the Empire is far more complicated than public opinion sees it. But to help the perception of this animosity, let me picture it like that, my friends, a tad simplified: a group of friends, that will be our representation of League, lives on a farm. They let a stray into the barn, be it from pity or curiosity. You don’t need me to tell you who the stray represents— you follow my allegory, I hope. However, the stray seems to be quite an ingenious one and takes the barn as its own, arms it, and gathers materials to formally challenge the group of friends’ ownership over the whole farm. The stray believes that if it was to dictate the farm’s pace, it would prosper way better. Current owners disagree.
Shores Unknown: Back in Action - Steam
Long time no see, mercenaries. First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for your patience and support in these trying times. Good news though! I'm happy to announce the development of Shores Unknown is continuing where the team left off when we announced our hiatus in March.
Dead Island 2 Interview: Restarting Development From Scratch - Press-start
I’m sure there’s a lot of stories we don’t hear about in terms of games getting cancelled before ever seeing the light of day, or changing studios/studios helping out without much fanfare, but that’s not the case for Dead Island 2, which has had an extremely public development period that spans 10 years.


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Lords of the Fallen Reboot looks Epic! A Dark Fantasy Action RPG

In this Lords of the Fallen video, we'll talk about the newly announced reboot of the Dark Fantasy Action RPG by Hexwork Studio.
Dune: Awakening What We Know and What We Expect

The first trailer for Dune: Awakening was revealed at Opening Night Live as part of gamescom 2022, and our hosts Max Scoville, Daemon Hatfield, Danny Ly Ziser, and Brian Altano are here to talk all about it. Here are their predictions on what we can expect from the upcoming open-world, survival MMO.
Skull and Bones: How Exploration Works

The Indian Ocean is yours to fully explore in Skull and Bones. But, as we recently learned, most of Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate simulator takes place at sea. So, how much is there to discover out there, aside from water, water, and, well, more water?
Where Winds Meet Is a Love Letter to Ghost of Tsushima

IGN’s Brian Altano and Daemon Hatfield are joined by IGN Israel’s Danny Ly Ziser to talk about the upcoming open-world martial arts game, Where Winds Meet. Set in Medieval China, Where Winds Meet will prioritize player freedom, allowing you to build your own combat style and play how you want to. The gameplay, art direction, and design are reminiscent to that of Ghost of Tsushima and it’s shaping up to be an awesome new IP.


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System Shock - Trailer - Future Games Show Gamescom 2022

System Shock developer Nightdive Studios gave viewers a look at the flesh and steel fusion monsters of their ake on Citadel Station. System Shock is coming soon to PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
Stray Blade - Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Gamescom 2022

Stray Blade is an Action RPG where you play a rogue Adventurer exploring the ancient Valley of Acrea with your companion, the Xhinnon wolf Boji. Stray Blade is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S in 2023.
Rooted - Gameplay Trailer - Future Games Show Gamescom 2022

Rooted is a post-apocalyptic survival game built in Unreal Engine 5, and a gameplay trailer debuted during the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022 featured building, exploring and combat. Rooted is coming soon.
Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Gameplay - Future Games Show Gamescom 2022

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon has a dark, gripping atmosphere which descended onto the Future Games Show, revealing gameplay from Awaken Realms Digital’s open-world RPG, which is coming to Steam Early Access in Q4 2022


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Colony Ship: Over One Year Later (Early Access Update)

Talking a bit about Colony Ship again after playing the developers first title, Age of Decadence.
The Last Oricru Release Date Announcement - Steam

So it is finally time. We have a new trailer, and you should watch this one through the end. There is one important date at the end and it is sooner than you might think.
The Last Oricru Main hero of The Last Oricru - Steam

The third act in our series is all about our hero, Silver. Meet his voice actor Brian Caspe and our lead writer Mikuláš Bryan as they tell you more not only about Silver's hair but also about his character.
Achilles: Legends Untold Arrived at Gamescom 2022 - Steam
We’re proud to present Achilles: Legends Untold at Gamescom 2022 ! The trade fair is coming back after a 2-year break, to defend its status as the world's largest video games event . It's a great honor for us to go there.

We’ve set up our own booth on-site. Our visitors will be able to play a new version of the game , and get a preview of the features we’ve been working on since the game’s last patch. You can come talk with us face-to-face to discuss any questions about the game, or even take a photo with the life-sized Achilles stand.
We Released Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor - Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software
We have released Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor for Windows & Mac! It’s out on Steam, Epic, and It's our 18th all-new full-length title. An iOS version is coming soon. It's an indie, epic, turn-based, story-heavy, et cetera, et cetera. Writing PR text is getting exhausting. We've been in the business for 28 years, a record for the longest period of continuous professional indie development. If you think you can prove this wrong, feel free.

I've spent a lot of time playing this game. It's quite fun, it has a cool world, and I really like the story and characters. I say, give it a try. We even provide a generous demo on our web site. For the blog, I wanted to just provide a little commentary about the game. Design, business, all that stuff that has no place in actual PR.
Atlas Fallen is not a Souls-like, compares itself more to Horizon: Forbidden West
Described by the developer as a “semi-open world full of ancient mysteries and threats,” the game looks promising. In a behind-closed-doors presentation with Deck13’s game design director, Jérémy Hartvick, we also learned that players expecting something akin to 2017’s The Surge or 2019’s The Surge 2 should adjust their expectations: this game does not promise the same sort of experience.

Instead, says Hartvick, Atlas Fallen will “be more inspired by God of War or Horizon [Forbidden West].” But if you’re after the sort of challenge FromSoft-inspired games offer, don’t fret – the developer notes that Deck13’s next title will launch with three difficulty modes, with the hardest one designed for players that “are more used to games that the company has created before”.
Steelrising: The Beta Starts Now - GamesPress
The beta proposes two of these levels: Saint Cloud and Les Invalides. The players will be able to try various builds, test several weapons and find their favorite playstyle for the game launch in these two levels, replayable at will.
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Atomic Heart Combat Trailer

A system failure at Soviet Facility № 3826 leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3, Private Agent, and your task is to minimize the consequences of this 'systems failure' and prevent the leakage of classified information.
Lies of P - Xbox Booth Game Overview

Join Jiwon Choi and Jason Park from Neowiz as they discuss making the studio's first console game with Lies of P, due in 2023.
21 Minutes of Harvestella Action Gameplay

See how exploration and combat works in Harvestella in this extensive Harvestella gameplay from the opening hours. Learn a bit more about Harvestella's story and even fishing and farming from this gameplay breakdown.


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A Plague Tale: Requiem - Gameplay Trailer (with commentary)

See how Amicia and Hugo have progressed since the events of A Plague Tale: Innocence, and what new trials await them in A Plague Tale: Requiem, releasing October 18.
A Plague Tale: Requiem - Xbox Booth Game Overview

Join Game Director of Asobo Studio, Kevin Choteau as we get a new look at the gameplay for A Plague Tale: Requiem, releasing October 18.
Grounded - Gameplay Changes Breakdown (Xbox Booth Overview)

Obsidian sits down to discuss Grounded 1.0 gameplay changes and the path to launch for the team, and the community at Gamescom 2022.
Grounded 1.0 - Phil Spencer on the Launch & Future of the Game

Xbox lead Phil Spencer & Game Director Adam Brennecke discuss the 1.0 launch of Grounded and what you'll have to look forward to with this launch


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Forspoken 10-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Get an in-depth look at the adventure that awaits you in the world of Athia. Learn how to master powerful magic abilities, navigate treacherous terrain, and defeat formidable, corrupted foes as Frey in Forspoken.
After A 7-Month Shutdown, Dark Souls 3 Servers Are Online - GameInformer
In February, we reported the server shutdown of Dark Souls 3 after a dangerous hack – Remote Code Execution – rendered affected PCs inoperable. Attackers "executed arbitrary code on a remote device, meaning they could take control of a player's PC." But thankfully, seven months later, the servers are back online.
More Tactics Ogre: Reborn Information was Shared by Square-Enix - RPGSite
Square Enix has provided a new update on Tactics Ogre: Reborn, the upcoming re-release of the classic strategy RPG that they finally officially announced in early August after a string of leaks. The new blog post gives a detailed breakdown at some of the features players can expect to see.


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Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy Releases on September 15th - Steam

Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy is a turn-based, tactical RPG featuring strategic battles, intriguing puzzles and exciting quests. Customize your heroes’ unique, class-based attacks and abilities to defeat Father Eldritch's oppressive armies throughout dozens of unique, hand-crafted maps!
Extended gameplay trailer released for the Nier-inpired Phantom Hellcat

All in! Games has released an extended gameplay trailer for its upcoming Nier-inspired game, Phantom Hellcat. This extended trailer showcases a variety of dilapidated environments to explore including a crumbling castle, haunted library, and spotlight stage.
ELDEN RING - We The Tarnished

In the face of defeat, torment and fearsome enemies, only the greatest of warriors stand their ground. Play on, Tarnished—your victory awaits.
Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn Boss Fight Gameplay

Get a first look at Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights in this boss fight gameplay as she takes on Nightwing.


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Steelrising - Closed Beta Gameplay & Thoughts

Talking a bit about Steelrising and my thoughts on it's closed beta ahead of it's release in a couple weeks!
Indie Hack and Slash 34EVERLAST Unveils New Lighting Fast Action Trailers

Pentiment Promises Murder, Mystery, and Art History - Techraptor

There’s no doubt that Obsidian has a lot on its plates at the moment. After the success of The Outer Worlds, the Early Access launch of Grounded, and the impending release of Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 no one was expecting them to announce the historic RPG Pentiment last June. We had a chance to sit down and hear from Josh Sawyer, Game Director, and Hannah Kennedy, Art Director, on what it was like putting together this game.