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Oh, wow, I didn't know they were working on Knights of Honor 2?
I remember the first game being kind of a mix between a Paradox grand strategy game and a Total War game, so will definitely keep my eye on this one.
There's a live stream with gameplay on Tuesday; it's usually interesting with Brad (not all people at THQ are bad). If I don't forget I'll try to have a quick peek but the timing is awkward.
We’ll talk more about political view in our DevStream on Tuesday, October 4th, @ 3:00 PM BST / 11:00 AM EST and we’ll be happy if you can join in our conversation. We are easy to find on the map – the Twitch stream will be hosted on the THQ Nordic channel: and we’ll be grabbing responses from this post and playing the game live to show how Political View works in real-time!


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ESOTERIC EBB - Wishlist Now on Steam

Norvik's about to hold its first ever election, and somebody just blew up a tea shop. In ESOTERIC EBB you're a chaotic cleric on a divine mission. Unravel a political web of incompetency as you delve deep into this ancient city full of devils, drunk sphinxes, and all manner of fantastical fools.
New World - September 2022 Team Update

Join the New World team for our September Team Update video, where we discuss first year takeaways, the revamped starting experience, Brimstone Sands, Heartgems, the Greatsword, and the Ennead Expedition.
The core team at ZA/UM of Disco Elysium were ousted last year - RPGCodex
I, Martin Luiga, a founding member and Secretary of the ZA/UM cultural association, as well as the assembler of most of the core team, am hereby dissolving the ZA/UM cultural association (not to be confused with the ZA/UM company, on which subject I would note that neither Kurvitz, Hindpere nor Rostov are working there since the end of last year and their leaving the company was involuntary. Which would seem like bad news for the loving fans that are waiting for the Disco sequel.)

The reason for dissolving the cultural organization is that it no longer represents the ethos it was founded on. People and ideas are meant to be eternal; organizations may well be temporary. I find that the organization was successful overall and most of the mistakes that were made were contingent, determined by the sociocultural conditions we were thrown into. I still encourage people to organize, and I would say that one of the qualities that the ZA/UM cultural organization sorely lacked was pretty much any formal structure.

For a while, it was beautiful. My sincerest thanks to all that have rooted for us.
Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms Preview - Gamebanshee
In its early access version, Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms doesn't really succeed as an example of a narrative-driven action-RPG. And namedropping Baldur's Gate is merely a trick to sneak another Dark Souls under your radar.

However, judging the game on its own merits, while not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it has a certain honest quality to it that makes you want to keep playing it despite whatever shortcomings it may have.

And seeing how these are merely the first stages of Alaloth's early access journey, there's still plenty of time for it to change for the better.
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Lost Eidolons - PAX West Recap and Thank You

As you know, the team at Ocean Drive has been working hard to develop and deliver the best game possible, but we also worked many days and nights to prepare for PAX West. PAX West was our first major marketing push where we spent some budget, and there were a few reasons why we decided to be there.
Wartales - Early Access Roadmap Update
We are committed to providing polished, fully realised, high quality content with all of our updates, and unfortunately at this time, Gosenberg does not meet the standard that we strive to achieve, so we have taken the difficult decision to delay its release from the initially stated timeframe shared in our last roadmap.
Steelrising - New Game Plus Mode Available
A brand new patch has been deployed on all platforms, and with it comes changes to Steelrising. Not only the introduction of New Game Plus, arguably the star of this patch, but a balance pass that overall should see the difficulty of the game shift upwards, and some store adjustments that should reduce reliance on cheese strats. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look together!


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Free-to-play action RPG Undecember launches on October 12th - Steam

UNDECEMBER is a Hack & Slash Action RPG in which players are able to surpass the conventional limits of skills by endlessly combining variety of Skill and Link Runes. Become a Rune Hunter and experience the joy of farming and growth!
Top 5 NEW First Person RPGs That you NEED To Know About

2:23 Return to Nangrim
3:45 Ardenfall
6:15 Monomyth
8:02 Avowed
9:43 Wayward Realms
Harvestella New Images and Details - RPGSite
Square Enix has shared a new update on the life simulation RPG Harvestella. They provide a deeper look at the town of Shatolla, introduce a few new characters, unveil several more job classes, and much more.
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn't shaping up to be a Nioh 3 - RPGSite
Perhaps not everyone that liked Team Ninja's previous outings will be down for what this one has in store for players, but when Nioh 2 already felt like such a refinement of their formula, I can't argue with the team experimenting with themselves, and perhaps getting a bit out of their comfort zone. I can't wait to see what else Wo Long has up its sleeves when it releases early next year.


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Designing the Settlements in the World of 'Horizon Forbidden West'

In this 2022 Art Direction Summit session, Guerrilla’s Roland Ijzermans takes viewers on an in-depth journey from the initial ideation to detailed production design of the various environments featured in the game. Sharing a unique insight into the design process used to develop the characteristic look of the factions and its inhabitants of Horizon.
The best mods for Cyberpunk 2077 - PCGamer
Whether you're a first time player or a veteran, you'll be interested to know there are lots of great mods to download and install, featuring everything from flying cars to improved motorcycles, and even mods inspired by the anime series that you can bring to life in your own game. Below, you'll find our picks for the best mods for Cyberpunk 2077.
Dead Island 2 consulted diversity council for “representative” LA - TheLoadOut
Art director Adam Olsson tells The Loadout that while the game features stereotypes like bodybuilder zombies that patrol Hell-A’s Muscle Beach, the decisions on how to parody Los Angeles for Dead Island 2 have been taken with care in consultation with the company’s diversity council.


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What Cyberpunk 2077's Resurgence Means For CDPR's Future - Gamerant
Initially, the developer was going to double-down on the beloved Witcher franchise in response to Cyberpunk 2077's less-than-ideal launch, and with a whole new saga on the way, it seemed as if players could be in for many years of Witcher content over any new series or standalone titles. The Witcher franchise still feels like safer ground, especially considering the popular reception of the last mainline installment, but Cyberpunk 2077's change in fortunes could mean that CD Projekt Red rethinks this approach.
Tencent is ‘aggressively seeking’ full game company acquisitions - VGC
Chinese gaming giant Tencent is reportedly switching its acquisition strategy and “aggressively seeking” to own majority or controlling stakes in overseas game companies.

That’s according to a new report from Reuters, which claims that the conglomerate is putting more focus on buying companies outright, following years of investing in minority stakes, as it attempts to offset slowing growth at home in China.
Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn a more approachable, cinematic soulslike - PCGamer
I really like the look of Flintlock, despite it being pretty far from my usual game of choice. A44 has done a lovely job of making the game look rhythmic and flowing, and the concept of taking a Soulslike and making it accessible across difficulty options is massively appealing to me. While I'm unsure if the narrative will hook me in, the combat alone looks satisfying enough to lure me into this strange fantasy world.
New Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod overhauls over 125 NPCs - Nexus
Provides unique, vanilla-friendly, high poly appearance overhauls for 125 male and female NPCs (and one werewolf), mostly in Vanilla Skyrim but there are a few in Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn. I started replacing NPCs where I had an idea in my head for what they could look like, and originally this was going to be maybe 25 or so of my favorite NPCs, but things got out of hand. There are many NPC replacers out there of course, maybe you don't need another one, or maybe there's a little something in this one you'd like to try.


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Gamedec: Definitive Edition Available - Steam

Explore the virtual worlds once again! Gamedec – Definitive Edition brings a fresh look to the current-existing cases! First, players can immerse themselves in the world based on Seven: The Days Long Gone, the game released in 2017 by Fool’s Theory and IMGN.PRO. The case is completely readable to those who played neither of these games, thus offer a mouthful of additional flavor to those who did. Expect the brand new virtualium and even more challenging NPCs.
Fextralife's Top RPG News pf the Week

Nier Automata Anime Adaptation, Gotham Knight Story Playthrough, Midnight Suns Magik, Sea Horizon Turn-Based Roguelite, Fortnite Meets Monster Hunter EA's Wild Hearts, Darkest Dungeon 2 Update, End of Life to Google's Stadia, World of Warcraft Dragonflight Release Date on this week of Top RPG News October 02, 2022
Mortismal Gaming Neverwinter Nights 2 - First Impressions

Talking a bit about my initial experiences with Neverwinter Nights 2 after jumping into it for the first time!


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Broken Ranks - Official Discover Valdarog Update Trailer

Enjoy the launch trailer for the September update to Whitemoon Games' new free-to-play, old-school-Baldur's-Gate-inspired MMORPG for PC, Broken Ranks. In this update, you'll take on the frost dragon Valdarog.
Dungeons of the Amber Griffin Music Game Mode

We invite you to watch the gameplay from the game. We present a new music game mode, in which there will be locations specially prepared for specific music. At the end of the game, there will be a count of the number of killed monsters. You will also be able to unlock interesting items that you can use in other game modes.
Gloomhaven: Solo Scenarios - Mercenary Challenges DLC Available
The Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges DLC is the digital adaptation of the Solo Scenarios board game expansion for Gloomhaven, the critically acclaimed Tactical RPG. Face 17 new carefully crafted missions by Isaac Childres, designer of the Gloomhaven Board Game. Each scenario comes with its own unique reward. There is a twist however, you can only complete each mission with its specific mercenary!
Sovereign Syndicate - Demos, Trailers, and Gamescom
Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy month here at Crimson Herring, and I wanted to take some time to share everything we’ve been working on.

We completed our recent playtest and incorporated all of your great feedback into the demo we launched at Gamescom. We’ve had thousands of players download and play the playtest and demo over the last couple of months, and we continue to get great feedback to help make the game even better.

Launching our Demo and participating in Gamescom and Devcom was a great experience and generated some media coverage for the game as well. I always enjoy watching content creators play our game and the comments and engagement from the audience. If you haven’t had the chance to play our demo yet you can download it for free on our Steam page.
Zoria: Age of Shattering - Dev Diary #5 – Combat in Zoria
In today's Dev Diary, we'll cover what many tactical RPG fans like best: combat. We designed it to be dynamic, fluid, and inviting to engage. But how did we achieve that? Enjoy the read below!