I smell a... wumpus!?
Distant Worlds 2 is releasing on March 10th! There's still not much on the Steam page, though. You can watch this long preview starting with this vid: https://youtu.be/wAQmE3ZY2Fc?t=103


Supposedly very good, but no multiplayer in a game like this = zero interest.

But if you're put to sleep by normal 4X games, this is probably worse - as it's a more grognardy type of approach than most.


The first one was really awesome but if games like Stellaris put you to sleep you should maybe avoid this one.


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I think DW2 is primarily just a graphical update to the first game. What made DW 1 awesome was the ability to automate the game elements you aren't interested in. So for example I can automate the military side of things so I can focus on exploration, diplomacy, and trade.


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Played the first game years ago. It was enjoyable but the publisher and developer milked the game for years with new content and a set sale price on it's website.

So buyer beware and all that.


I smell a... wumpus!?
The big "differentiator" in the first game was the automation. There are automation options for everything! And yeah, Couch is right, too. When it originally came out (*many* years ago), you could only buy it on the website and each expansion was quite expensive. Imagine if Civilization was charging $40 for each expansion they... oh, yeah, {ahem} I guess Distant Worlds was "ahead of its time," then, on the pricing front. It got much cheaper when it showed up on Steam.

It's a real time 4X but it does have a pause option. I would much rather have turn based, personally, but I still played the original for almost 100 hours. I would get to the point where combat started and would quit - I didn't like its combat at all.