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Anyone know if they have a private server offering for ESO? I basically want to play it as an SP game without seeing all the goofy people running like mad everywhere.

I know Fallout 76 has something along those lines but I've heard people can still crash your game even though it's "private".

I wonder if we have enough Watchers interested in keeping a server for these two games.


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Sorry but no. ESO is a classic MMO you play with others on public servers.
ESO is built to be a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) , not just a Multiplayer Online Game, which seldom accommodates more than 64 players per map (= instanced "server"). The server-side infrastructure is hugely different; MOGs like Battlefield cannot handle thousands of concurrent players in the same world, nor would it make sense for them to do so -- MMOs are not meant to be compartmentalized, they are intended to live up to the "massively" part of their name.

So, don't expect to see anything like this. Btw: the term "private server" in the context of MMOs means running a (reverse-engineered) software which, more or less badly, emulates official servers.
I would love to see private servers for Star Wars: The Old Republic but no one has made it possible yet. Like above you have to reverse engineer and gather the database files.
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There are private emulators of far superior games if you're interested, like Everquest one and Vanguard. You don't have to pay to play these, but they can have some daunting down-times and updates that can make playing them on a regular basis a bit difficult but, then again, free is free. Also they'd still be the online versions, not single player ones.


Well i played it back in 2015 i think and there werent many people in it, so you can easily play it as a sp game. Im wondering if its still worth playing now if i only have the base game and no expac.