Unless I'm misunderstanding, the remake is more than just a visual upgrade. I assume the map is going to be based off the original, but it's not an exact recreation, and I don't think the quests will be either.

I'm guessing the overall story will be roughly the same, but I expect things to unfold differently enough that it will be worth playing even for people who are very familiar with the original.

I could be wrong of course.
No, I think you're right. I sort of expect it to be like the System Shock Remake - where everything is built from the ground up - but also that the core experience will be more or less identical, only with modern gameplay and visuals.

So, I expect the map to be basically the same - and the characters/story likewise - though I'm assuming they'll be recording new dialogue and what not.

If they add something significant in terms of new content or quests (not just modernized) - then I would be more interested, for sure.

I guess that's not quite the vibe I'm getting, but I certainly hope I'm wrong - and I'd definitely play a Gothic that's more fresh than a "very faithful" remake.

One thing that would definitely get me interested would be an expanded progression system - as Gothic was of a different time, where you didn't really have that many skills or abilities.

That's one of the things that can get me really interested in a replay - if there's enough variety in the builds and progression.