There was a game I remember playing when i was little, for the life of me I can't remember the name, and I have searched to the depths of the internet and have come up with nothing. I also so long to play this game again as it was one of my favorites, even though i don't remember if it was actually that good.

I was little, can't remember the exact age I was, but to give an idea, I am now 20 and I think this game was on the ps2 or early ps3. I have bits of fuzzy memory of this game. To my best abilities I will try to describe it. I think it starts of with you choosing a character and it gives you several options, then you talk or listen to someone or something that gives you an objective, you start in a grassy field or hilltop, and then maybe run into the forest or something like that. I remember you go through levels in areas, you fight creatures of these levels, and once you get through all the levels of an area you fight a boss. I just remember going through a forest, then maybe a swamp, then a desert/canyon type area, then something like a mansion, and in the mansion the things you fight are really strange and whacky, and so is the boss. I don't think it was a baldurs gate game, as I remember playing that when I was little also, but I think it was of the same genre. Sorry for such a vague desription as like I said it was a very long time ago


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That sounds like one of several hack'n slash games:
- Diablo 2
- Sacred 1 or 2
- Titan Quest

At least if the point of view is similar to Baldur's Gate.


Living Backwards
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It does sounds a bit like Dark Alliance 1 & 2 for PS2.

I'd throw in Champions of Norrath as a random guess as well.


The mansion part sounds a bit like the Unrest zone from Everquest, could this have been an online game from about ten years ago?


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You can't remember if the view was isometric or third-person?



I smell a... wumpus!?