Well, from the looks of other posts, I believe I can post our game here.

WorldAlpha is a social strategy MMO where on a new-found planet you along with other citizens decide how to run this new world economically, politically and militarily. You must work together and decide what type of world you want, a world of peace and prosperity or turmoil and war.

It is a social strategy game with a few others MMOs in this genre. It's biggest difference is that the game is involved with 47 different products, each have 5 qualities, for 235 different items in the game that can be produced, bought and sold. The politics allows for 7 different political systems from democracy to anarchy and everything in-between.

We currently are in Open Beta and are looking for players to try out the game and give their honest feedback. There is a couple of tutorials and we encourage all players to at least finish the basic tutorial.

I look forward to seeing some RPGWatch gamers trying out the game, and letting us know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!


WOW what an amazing game and what a challenge there is just soooo many roads to take politics , trader, worker and even own your own weapon manufacturing factory hahahahahah and so much more this must have taken aggges to make.

anyone that wants to play somthing new and complex and don't want to have to spend 24hours a day online to make an impact i HIGHLY RECOMMEND this game.


Hey Bellum. Glad you enjoy the game. Any more RPGWatchers coming to join us?