Neverwinter Nights 2


Looking for a good PW?

Midgard Saga is a constantly evolving and constantly expanding role-playing world situated in a northern-mythological setting. Our setting is a slightly magical Viking-era Scandinavia, in a fictional land called Gardavik. Our server is still being developed, but should offer plenty of opportunities for young adventurers in search of fame, fortune or whatever they might be searching… Our DM team is trying to offer our players a personalized gaming experience, and our players can decide the way the world evolves.

So what do we have on Midgardsaga?

At the moment we have 210 areas where 40 is exterior areas

37 Npc quests

A good DM team

A Dev team that always looking to do things better

We have a Crafting system.

We do let players buy and (if they want) build their own house.

Random loot system combined with table loot system.

Very high quality of roleplayers.
Fun to play.
newbie friendly.