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NIRAVASI - An RPG Maker Adventure/Horror Game

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Explore an ancient city, while escaping the machines that patrol it.

NIRAVASI is PC RPG Maker MV Adventure/Horror game, set within the ruins of an ancient human city. Taking inspiration from surreal video games such as Yume Nikki, .flow, Cat in the Box and Petscop (not a real game, I know), NIRAVASI focuses on exploration and adventure, as you venture through a ruined city filled with mechanical horrors.

While most believe ancient cities to merely be large plots of land filled with wood and stone, Niravasi is anything but that. Boasting monolithic towers of metal and light, Niravasi was at the heart of human advancement. From exploring an ancient Stepwell to riding the skylines of a Perfection Complex, the city offers many wonders for players to explore.

But know that in Niravasi, excitement must be tempered with extreme caution. In the centuries since the humans of Niravasi disappeared, a great and terrible machine has seized control of its streets and now watches the forgotten city with a sinister grin. With an army of mechanical servants at its command, only the most nimble of players will be able to make it past the AI's eternal gaze.