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Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders is an action adventure RPG with city-building elements, where we will take the role of a classic hero who fights against the tyranny and injustice that haunts Sherwood. Fight, craft, steal, and of course - help the local community grow.

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There is a demo for this on steam. The graphics seem pretty decent. It's a single player builder survival game from the looks of it. No release date and no reviews so not sure if any good.

I grabbed the demo although not sure when I will try it out.


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My type of game. It's a RTS city builder. To bad there is no official release date yet.:happycry:


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Playing the demo right now, not bad so far.

EDIT: So not bad in general. Not AAA but the graphics look pretty damn nice all things considered. Animations are a little off feeling but it's decent enough.

Can only save at sleep spots from what I can tell (bed or other safe resting areas). The quick wheel is a bit annoying, easy to accidentally use something you didn't mean to. Probably something that gets easier with practice.

Definitely a building and survival like game. I am going through the demo tutorial and took a break before I started hunting.
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