Game Crafter
Based in the Leo City of Singapore,WhiteSponge is looking for a group of testers to participate in testing its upcoming game – Small Chronicles.

Small Chronicles is a strategy JRPG title that is designed to ensure that those familiar with casual gaming have fun as well as those yearning for a more in-depth experience.

To be qualified as a tester, all you have to have is to have an Apple iPod Touch/iPhone or an iPad.

Your feedback on your testing experience with Small Chronicles is important in order for WhiteSponge to make Small Chronicles into the most immersive and awesome gaming experience!

If you can match these requirements, you are very much welcomed to be one of the first open beta players of Small Chronicles!


In addition to getting to play our game for absolutely free, all testers will receive an awesome tester-only item in the released game. You will also have the special honor of having your name on the game’s credits.

To become a tester, simply indicate here that you're going for the open beta event and provide your email address or tweet @SmallChronicles that you want to be in the open beta with your email address

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P.S enjoy the teaser :D