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I was actually surprised to enjoy the demo given it's graphic style. The fact that it can be finished within 12-15 hrs is a plus in it's favor. Your also not special just a normal captain.
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This looks very interesting; I was not aware of this game. I will definitely keep an eye out.
The dev has been posting about it here for quite awhile.


WTF is up with the voice of the video maker? Jeez.. had to look for a gameplay video on YT, his voice is so repulsive. This is what I call a professional and uplifting + informative gameplay video!
Yeah, I have to agree. I simply can not listen to anything WizardWorm narrates. Call me shallow, but the cadence and enunciation drives me crazy. On the other hand, SplatterCatGaming is a guy I could listen to all day. He's witty, gives a good critique, and is very professional and informative.