January will see the release of our second title: Time of Heroes

Like our first game, it's set in the world of Altland, telling the story of the arrival of the northern humans 400 years before the happenings in Companions.

The game will be playable on all iOS devices 3rd generation onward and will be universal upon release.

When we produced the trailer we thought a "power metal" approach would be fitting, so we recorded the track at smuttlewerk headquarters. :)

If anyone of you guys played "Warsong" on the Sega Genesis back in the days, you know what the gameplay will be like. We added skill trees and altered many a thing, but we tried to capture the classic feel of the game.

Happy new year to all of you!


Time of Heroes OUT NOW!







Under the leadership of prince Minos humans land on a foreign coast in search of a new
home. A short while after going on shore, they realize that the land holds many dangers,
but also new hopes and new allies.

Their old home was engulfed by ice and cold and the old king Asterios ordered his son
Minos and the majority of the people to sail southward. 400 years before the happenings in
„Companions“ (available for iPad) the northern people reach the coast of „Altland“.

Immediately after the landing they make acquaintance with the inhabitants of the north coast and those strange beings have just one thing in mind: eat all the intruders.

In the course of their adventures the heroes of the northern people meet the mad elf Shoto Gar and his ally, the legendary dwarven trapper, Ung Bulmitz. These two wrongdoers control the lower creatures of the north and without hesitation try to enslave or destroy the newcomers.

Since thousands of years „Altland“ is the scene of a terrible war, which brought the old races of the continent, the dwarves and elves, to near extinction. The minions of the dark god „Detexx“, undead, demons and other horrible creatures turn out to be the biggest threat the humans have ever faced. Prince Minos is quick to realize that the „hordes of nether“ may only be defeated by joining forces with dwarves and elves of „Altland“.

The first chapter of „Time of Heroes – The Arrival“ covers the arrival of the northern humans in Altland and the battles that followed shortly thereafter.

In the near future the second chapter „Time of Heroes – The Prophet's Revenge“ will be released, where players can seamlessly continue their adventures.

„Time of Heroes“ Features:

  • Great 3D graphics
  • Cool soundtrack
  • Exciting Story
  • Groundbreaking game- and combat system
  • 6 playable heroes
  • 6 playable Units
  • Over 25 different enemies
  • 8 – 10 hours playtime
  • Skill trees
  • Items
  • For newcomers and pro's of the genre alike
  • 3 different „AI Difficulty Levels“
  • 3 different „Unit Numbers Difficulty Levels“
  • High replayability
  • Universal for all iTouch Devices (3rd generation onward)
  • iCloud saves

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Twitter: @smuttlegiaco

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Little BRO Rat
I really need to get an iPad. Guess my iPhone will have to do because this looks pretty good. Consider me sold.


No android version. Damn you apple. Damn you to hell.

Anyone know of any good TB RPG'S for android?


Little BRO Rat
tell me of your impression of playing the game on the iPhone. I played through it on the iPad1 and on the iPod4. bigger screens are more comfortable, that's for sure, but I had no problems playing on the small device and I have rather big hands…

No time to get it, yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

If I can play a turn-based strategy games and a roguelike on that tiny little thing they call a screen, then I'm sure this will be fine as well.

Still will let you know if it's too frustrating.


version 1.3 is now available, with chapter 2 as IAP (2,99$)!

- 7 new maps
- 2 new heroes
- hours of playtime


for all of you who aren't sure, we've also done a free version, where you can play the first two levels for free and if you like it, you can buy the game as IAP! it's called:

Time of Heroes - Zero Edition

have fun y'all!

btw: we also have an Anbdroid version nearly ready, but we have problems with the documentation and technical details of the Google Play's really f..... up, this whole thing. we try our best, but at the moment we have no resources to spare.


Hey Toff,

we won't bring the game as a Zero Edition to Android. It was a test on iOS to see whether it is accepted by the customers if we let them play the first maps for free. And, well, up until now, it wasn't worth the effort...we made about 300$ of the Zero version (live since 4-5 month). Additionally we received bad one-star reviews in the like of "why make it free, when I have to pay later" etc.

I'd love to see the game on Google Play, but we need the new Unity3D version first, which allows us to split the game (Google Play lets you upload 50mb Apps only, bigger ones have to be split up). When we get this, we might make the whole game F2P and try to get some income through advertising. But atm we just don't have enough money to buy Unity4.


Oh well then.

I'm super picky on the games I enjoy and put time into so I prefer to try a demo first.

I understand your reasoning tho.