Unity merging with ironSource

You may have seen that Unity was merging with ironSource:
Unity announced today that it has entered into an agreement to merge with ironSource, harnessing the company's tools, platform, technology, and talent to form an end-to-end platform that enables creators to more easily create, publish, run, monetize, and grow live games and RT3D content seamlessly. [. . .]

WccfTech has more to say on this:
Unity Announces Merger with Known Malware Provider IronSource

If I were you, I'd probably uninstall Parsec right this second as Unity has announced that it's going to go into a merger with 'leading business platform' IronSource. While this might seem like a standard merger for some, more experienced users know that this should raise alarm bells. Why? Well, let's take a look at the history of the company Unity is merging with.

Not long after laying off hundreds of workers, Unity announced that the company would merge with IronSource. The latter company is described as "a leading business platform that empowers mobile content creators to turn their apps into scalable, successful businesses." In reality, IronSource is a company known for creating malware toolbars.
[. . .]

I haven't checked so I don't know how much of that is true, links are provided in the article for anyone interested. The fact it's specialized in monetization should be enough in itself.

For me it's just another reason to be cautious around Unity games, but of course it mainly depends how it's used. Some of the performance issues can surely be improved with smart programming techniques and avoiding to use too many lighting effects, and I suppose that monetization features should be announced. Then there's the financial aspect, will there be any support if the company goes under?
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Well just wanted to add this…"Former EA CEO & Unity CEO Says Devs Who Shun Microtransactions Are "The Biggest F***ing Idiots". Christ talk about bad PR.

Former EA CEO who was fired for causing the company massive losses, and as CEO of Unity has lead it to massive losses despite a massive userbase. From what I've seen, between the merger with malware developer ironSource and his comments, the Godot subreddit has been hopping with people ditching Unity for that engine. I'd imagine other competing game engines are seeing similar jumps.

I'd already dumped Unity over it's built in spyware a few years ago, which meant my RPG had to be rebuilt from the ground up.


They're not dead yet...

Unity Software Scores Government Deal
Bloomberg reports (may require registration or subscription) that Unity Software now has a contract with the U.S. Government to create digital simulation technology. "Through this relationship, Unity will help the government defining human machine interfaces or HMI for aerospace applications and beyond," said Marc Whitten, a senior vice president at Unity, on the company’s earnings call on Tuesday. "These applications demand an interactive, robust user experience very much like games." Here's more:
Known for its eponymous game engine, which provides the software that runs dozens of top video games, Unity is betting its next wave of growth will come from marketing its real-time 3D platform to non-gaming industries as part of its “digital twin” strategy. Automotive manufacturers, factory designers and even real-estate developers can visualize and study digital incarnations of their creations using the Unity Game Engine. Recently, the company has helped clients visualize and study the movements of people, like with its simulation of the Hong Kong Airport.

The contract with CACI is Unity’s “single largest digital twin solutions deal for Unity to date,” the company wrote in its earnings report Tuesday. The deal helps set up Unity’s 3D platform for “future systems design and simulation programs across the US Government.” Unity has previously held contracts with the US Defense Department, which has reportedly caused concern among some employees. The military has used Unity’s software to visualize plane runways attacked by live munitions and train drones on identifying ordnance.


I'm happy with Unity myself - and if I was to change my ways based on opportunism from suits - there'd be no viable engine anywhere.

Suits don't seem to exist on the plane of reality - so whatever they tell themselves is true about people who do - is of very, very little concern to me.