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Zunyrook – A Turn-Based SciFi RPG [WIP]


I feel a bit weird posting this at early stage of development but I guess you could consider it a Dev Log that I update as the game progresses. I wanted to post it here because I thought some of you might be interested in a SciFi RPG.

To the point:

Zunyrook is a turn-based (combat and movement) science fiction RPG currently under development. I hesitate to call it cyberpunk although it clearly has a lot of elements from that genre as well. I think "Space Opera" would suit more.

It will be mostly story-driven but I plan to feature fairly open interstellar travel with purchasable space ships. I tend to think too far but I take this game as a challenge. It will evolve a lot during the development, I'm sure.

At this stage I have only included a pre-made character that you can nevertheless play more or less freely. The story kind of requires this and it was behind a big arm wrestle with myself to make it restricted like that.

I have yet to make a proper announcement about the story but suffice it to say I have included dystopian elements involving robots, androids, aliens, biology and other funny sciences…

I'm building this game for Windows, Mac & Linux first and foremost but will consider porting it to Android and iOS as well when the time comes.

Video #1 of gameplay (Youtube)

The UI is a placeholder, something I cooked up after a night of coding frenzy.

Screenshots attached below show the main character in-game and in portrait. The character graphics are done by Jamogames and the tileset is a placeholder one done by me.

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The Website:

I am also writing a personal log about programming the RPG in my blog, if some of you techies are interested.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment. I will keep this thread updated whenever there's something to add.
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Somebody say turn-based Sci-fi RPG? You have my attention.

Are there plans to have party members / followers of some sort join the MC? Or will this be a strictly solo adventure?


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I do plan to make some kind of party system, possibly members following the main character and you gain control of them in combat. I have also thought about a specific "team of professionals" you can hire to your spaceship and goes on specific missions with the main character. Not really sure how to implement that the best way.


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Been a while since I posted an update. This project is still under development and I've been writing the background story, dialogues and quests while working on the code as well. I just got new animations and the first real tileset and managed to start with the first level.

Screenshot with lighting tests:


Screenshot description: The game starts in a motel room with the protagonist locked in.



As you can see from the GIF, the movement is handled by a mouse click. At first I wanted to make the movement totally turn based (think Nethack, etc.) but for this type of game the click-to-move seemed best. Combat is still going to be turn based though.


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Glad to hear you're still working on it. Being able to move freely outside of combat is a good call... Never played Nethack, but I think having exploration being turn-based would just be tedious. I won't critique the visuals much as I realize this is still very early in development. Animations look nice though.


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A bit of update. Budget doesn't allow me to hire an artist at the moment so I started making the gfx myself (see gif of first animation below).

Movement will be most likely click to move style (Diablo, etc.) but combat will be turn based. Click to move, dialogue system and miscellaneous game mechanics have been implemented already. Next on the list is melee combat.

You can give me any feedback on the animation. I always try to improve.



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Status update: Working on tilesets. Turning animation to gif messed the colors a bit but you can see how the movement works, tile-by-tile. Movement still has no animation but that's coming. Attached screenshot to show a bit more what it looks like. That "film grain" can be turned off, it's just a feature.

I'll try to scoop up a better update next time, with a bit more info about the actual game.



Also, how do you like the scale as opposed to the post above?