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Tuesday - March 03, 2020
Tuesday - February 18, 2020
Friday - February 14, 2020
Saturday - February 08, 2020
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Tuesday - March 03, 2020

Corruption 2029 - Review Roundup

by Silver, 18:34

Corruption 2029 has been reviewed by many outlets.

Screenrant 4/5

Corruption 2029 is definitely not for everyone. It can be extremely challenging and feel unfair when the tide turns against the player. The game expects a lot from the player, especially when it comes to being patient with their approach to the game. It's because of this challenge that the game feels so satisfying when the player's actions go as planned and they take down superior forces using strategy, rather than an itchy trigger finger. Corruption 2029 is a great squad-based strategy game, but it's not for the gamers who love to shoot first and ask questions later.

Culture of Gaming 7/10

Graphically, the game is quite gorgeous looking, and performance wise, no issues. Aesthetically and atmospherically speaking, is where things get a little shaky. Individual character wise, is somewhat interesting. Mechanized components combined with headgear that’s evocative of a tricorn hat for the “good guys’ ‘, and all black armor, trench coats, and masks with red armbands for the `bad guys”. 

Moving past the individual designs, the world itself is lackluster. Nothing feels fleshed out, and it barely goes beyond providing you with the barebone basis to go off of. Nothing is super futuristic, and what’s there is nothing that hasn’t been seen before. This lack of substantial atmosphere and world-building is a massive disappointment when compared to Mutant Year Zero


Cram Gaming 6.5/10

Is Corruption 2029 worth picking up then on the Epic Games Store? Yes and no as it’s relatively cheap for under £16. Fans of Mutant Year Zero will find this familiar ground and lap-up the change of difficulty. Tactical fans who like XCOM etc. might find it interesting to play. Anyone else looking-in will find a game that excites and frustrates in equal measure. With a bit of refinement though this could be a really neat tactical game suitable for all players, as it stands it’s just hard to wholly recommend to all but the hardest tactical players.

RockPaperShotgun - No Score

But most of the game is stealth and most of your options are not stealthy. As many players of Mutant Year Zero observed, that game was largely a puzzle game with a small shootout at the end, and Corruption 2029’s structure is very much cut from the same cloth. Taking people out always feels good, but the walking around, the waiting for the right part of a patrol route, and the frequent reloads when something goes wrong all get repetitive and a bit draining. It’s a really well made and sometimes great portion of turn-based tactics, but more often than not, it was frustration rather than strategy that drove me to go maximum boyo.

GamePressure 6.5/10

The gameplay formula, the personality of the characters, and the idea for the setting taken from a table-top RPG, resulted in an explosive mix in the case of Mutant Year Zero. Corruption 2029, devoid of two of the three factors listed above remains only a tactical game without personality, a nice diversion for people who finished Mutant and its DLCs, but still not having enough of sneaking between enemy forces and preparing ambushes. Unfortunately, for everyone else waiting for some fresh ideas or at least a more ambitious and exciting story, the game can be a disappointment. This is clearly more low-budget compared to the company's previous work, which is worth bearing in mind before you buy it in the Epic Games Store. Ouch…

Keen Gamer 7/10

While not overly long, the game offers some replayability thanks to bonus objectives on each mission as well as the aforementioned classless gear system. Depending on the number of enemies, each mission can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how meticulous your planning is making the game offer a good bang for your buck in terms of longevity. While difficult, the game is forgiving in the sense that it will revive your units should you kill all nearby enemies and comes with a fairly forgiving checkpoint system that makes it so you don’t have to start each mission from the beginning should you lose all your units. 


Thanks Farflame!

Tuesday - February 18, 2020

Corruption 2029 - Released

by Silver, 07:52

Corruption 2029 has been released on the Epic Game Store.


Set in a dystopian America in the not-so distant future. CORRUPTION 2029 is a new tactical strategy game from The Bearded Ladies, creators of ‘Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden’.
Using your supreme tactical abilities, command a squad of heavily augmented ‘units’ deep into enemy territory to discover the cause of the CORRUPTION.
CORRUPTION 2029 is a hardcore tactical game that should test the mettle of even the most experienced tactical gamers.

Friday - February 14, 2020

Corruption 2029 - Gameplay Video

by Silver, 10:14

DSOGaming reports on a gameplay video for tactics game Corruption 2029.

The Bearded Ladies have released a first gameplay video of their new IP, the tactical strategy game CORRUPTION 2029. The video explains the background story set in a dystopian America and shows several ways to solve conflicts against the inhuman enemies that got infected by the CORRUPTION.



Saturday - February 08, 2020

Corruption 2029 - Dystopian Tactics Game

by Silver, 06:47

PC Gamer reports on the next game from Bearded Ladies, who made Mutant Year Zero. Corruption 2029 is a tactics game where you play super soldiers trying to free America. The game will launch on the Epic Game Store.


The sci-fi soldiers, angular helmets and dystopian setting make it look a bit more XCOM than Mutant Year Zero, but the latter's focus on stealth will apparently be returning. One of the best parts of Mutant Year Zero was setting up before a fight, scouting and finding sniper spots or other ways you can get the drop on the enemy, and you'll be able to do the same in Corruption 2029. 

It looks like the squad will be sent into discrete missions, just like XCOM, rather than exploring the world in real-time, like Mutant Year Zero. What you do between missions, growing your squad, upgrading them—that's still a mystery. 


Information about

Corruption 2029

Developer: The Bearded Ladies

SP/MP: Single-player
Setting: Post-Apoc
Genre: Tactical RPG
Combat: Turn-based
Play-time: 10-20 hours
Voice-acting: Unknown

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· Platform: PC
· Released at 2020-02-18
· Publisher: The Bearded Ladies