Audio announcement

Today I’m happy to reveal that James Dean is working with me on Death Trash. He already created some atmospheric pieces and effects for the current prototype and I’m glad how it comes together. Along with the improvements in animation made currently  I am confident now the atmospheric presentation of the game will be spot on.
I know James from before when I used some of his freely available soundscapes for one of my short weekly games, which incidentally was a moody pixelart game with flesh and dialogue. And it was this one soundscape I couldn’t get out of my head while working on the first images of Death Trash. You can see that early pixelart game including the audio here:

The general direction of the audio is still to be determined though, will be a process like so many other areas on this project. This just comes with the fact that this is not a cookie-cutter game and has a world that still has to be explored and invented in parts.

You can find sound samples from James on his website which should give you an overview of his technical interests and proficiency.

There have been many people who were interested in making the audio for Death Trash. I was deeply honored by all the offers, and people working in the audio department seem to be very friendly and enthusiastic persons in general.
I really wish you all the best with your work and projects and am very thankful for all the messages I got. And I am sorry if I was a bit too silent on this front for a good while but there were a lot of distractions on my end.

- Stephan